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How Can I Keep Gaining?

ive been reading on this forum for a while but have never posted until now. i have a feeling ill be flamed for this post but whatever…i can deal with it.

im 20 years old, 5’8", ~160lb. i had been training for 1.5-2 years and could not break 151 lb. no matter how hard i worked, i was never able to pass that point, even eating ~4k calories daily. i will be done with a cycle of superdrol this friday, which has gotten me up to 160-162 lb. I am more than happy with the results, however, im looking to grow another 10-15 lb, hopefully in time for beach season.

im going to be honest…im not a body builder, i dont care if i can bench press 300 lb. the reason i want to gain weight is for aesthetics…i just feel too skinny. i plan on taking Alpha Male as soon as im done with the superdrol but do not expect to gain any more weight while on it. i have had people tell me a million different things when i explain my goal to them. no-xplode, creakic, no2, and more superdrol were some of the suggestions ive recieved in the past few weeks. some people on this forum seem especially knowledgeable, so what do you guys think would be my best bet to gain another 10-15 lb as quickly as possible?

Eat 5,000 kcal a day.

How long were you eating those 4,000 cals for? I seriously doubt someone who is under 185lbs can’t grow on 4,000 cals a day, unless you’re a competetive endurance athlete or work construction. You might have been grossly overestimating your food intake. I did this for YEARS until a few months ago. I thought I was getting in 3500+ daily, until I broke out a food log for a few days and found I was getting closer to 2800. I’m now about 180 [5’10] and get between 3500-4000 and I’m growin like a weed. Try it for a bit and see where you’re really at.

You’re 20 with a 1.5 years of lifting…

Stop using steroids. Buy at bucket of protein. Try one of the training programs around here. I’d tell you to eat more but with 4,000 calories a day… you’re either throwing random numbers out or you like to run 5 miles a day for fun.

eat a ton and train and be consistant about both.

Massive Eating

M/E Reloaded

those will help as well. Might also look at Dave barrs article on bulking.

Oh and I agree drop the steroids until you learn how to eat on your own.

Hope that helps,

Keep writing, keep asking questions. Yeah, some flames might come, but you learn by asking. There is a such thing as a stupid question, despite the common saying. However, the stupid question can be avoided with a little common sense and the use of the search button. Still, ask away, people usually get flamed, but there is usaully a good answer or two as well.

To keep gaining, keep lifting big and eating bigger. Are you aware Superdrol is a steroid? I won’t tell you not to use is, because you already have. Just be aware that gains will slow after you stop taking it. Don’t take it longer than 4 weeks, you will start seeing some bad side effects.

At a minimum, consider including Rebound along with your Alpha Male, although most will suggest real PCT.

im small (weighing 80 kilos, umm dont know how many pounds is, but more than you)…

and i was in your situation for a long time (in fact untiil I found this site, thank god I did).

have you got abs showing etc?! im assuming you do (you must lol).

but in order to not rehash too much old info, the answer is EAT. watever you think you do, or don’t do, or bloody watever. just forget it all and eat. do your weights, eat, eat, and eat more, eat a whopper, ghet some chips (fries to you lot…?!) fuckin eat.

dont stop eating until you see yourself getting bigger. then youll know that things are working, and you can adjust your food intake accordingly.

Good grief.
So depressing.
A young new lifter who isn’t gaining and the first thing he wonders is what steroids and hormones he needs to take. shakes head

ANYway…flame 0ff…everyone has answered this question.
EAT, dude. EAT, EAT EAT.

In fact, try this as an experiment for a month or two:
1-Stop taking steroids or any other supplement besides Surge and perhaps metabolic drive.

2- Whatever you are eating for your six to eight meals a day (you ARE eating that many meals RIGHT?): double it. Yes, double it.

3-Follow one of the many workouts on this site for those wanting size. (heavy weights, low reps, no cardio)

3-Post your results after 1-2 months.

The others are correct in that a lack of supplements isn’t your problem, but rather a lack of food is.

Keep eating.

its been a few days and ive been counting my calories…i was pretty close, im eating ~3700 average over the last 4 days. what should i shoot for? i ended my cycle of superdrol and am taking Alpha Male right now for the off cycle. besides for that the only other supplement im taking is a weight gain/protein shake.

4,000 calories?
Are you serious?
I’m 6’4’’ and need 6,500 calories when I bulk.
Try 5,000.
Keep bringing those calories up until you start putting on some muscle.
Please do remember that whenever you gain muscle your metabolism goes higher,meaning it needs a higher amount of calories to run.
If you bulked on 4,00 calories and you’ve quit growing,then up them to around 5,000 and that should get you back on track.Make sure you’re eating enough cholesterol too.