How Can I Improve My Physique?

[quote]A_Fifita wrote:
My question is in order to gain a more toned physique, should I aim to do a lot more cardiovascular exercises such as running, skipping, bodyweight training?[/quote]
To look more “toned”, you need to build muscle. That’s basically what tone is. Muscle tone. So, more cardio (running/skipping) isn’t going to get you there. The bodyweight stuff might, if it’s programmed properly. And that can be a big if.

How have you been training for the last month?

In that thread, you said you did have dumbbells, kettlebells, rings, and some other stuff. Exactly what equipment do you have access to? That’ll make it easier to sort out a plan of attack.

Any reason you want to stay in that “weight class”? Do you compete in a sport?