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How Can I Improve My Midsection?


My midsection is terrible, I can't even do squats properly because of it. Also is there a way to ease into doing crunches because when I do them or another stomach exercise I can never feel the burn. SO I know I am wasting my time.

Thanks for reading and replying.


How are you not a troll?

You keep asking troll-like questions, but you're not, because you regularly purchase supps from Biotest.

If what you've written is true, you've made just about every mistake a newbie can make short of serious injury. You've dropped kcals too low, you've used poor magazine training, you've relied too much on supps and not on diet... and you're still coming around and trying to get better results.

I respect that man. I just wish you let it be an easier path.

Have you read the stickies? Have you gone back and looked at Vroom's thread and read the threads indexed there? Have you done the homework? Have you taken the advice given in the other threads? About raising your calories, lowering the carbs, increasing the fats, choosing bigger exercises and things like that?

As to the question you've asked here, WHY can you not do squats? If you think it's because you're too fat, you're full of shit. Go look at Rezazedah full cleaning over with a belly that makes yours look like pancakes.

Also, 'feeling the burn' does not equate to 'seeing progress'. However, if you're still doing crunches, you should probably re-think you're program.

I recommend the Watebury Summer Project.
And the T-dawg diet 2.0.

Good luck.


haha you must be ballin to have ordered so many supps at ur level ^^ i wish i could do the same


amm I used the Velocity diet and lost 26 lbs... supplements ? Can we stay on the topic if you do not want to help then whats the point in ruining other people's thread ?


I am a big fat of heavy weighted situps sets 8-15 reps. Hold a dumbell on your chest. They make your abs look chunky when you have the bodyfat low.


I would definitely take oteps, as well as others advice on here. I think you already know (or should know) what to do regarding diet and training, so I wont reiterate.

To develop a good midsection, it would be wise to work both the deep and superficial muscles (the muscles closest to your innards and the ones closest to the surface, just in case you didn't know).

For abs superficial: I like to pre-fatigur my abs with crunches, then do full ROM situps, rocky style!

For abs deep: try ab wheels, or barbell rollouts, holding the out stretched position.

Iys good to include oblique work. In that case I would incluse side planks, side bends and wood chops.

I dont know how you would organize this, nor do I think you should fit this all in one program, but If you do, then dedicate one day for each of the above. Remember, abs dont need high volume. Your "core workout" (though i hate that term) should last no longer than 10 minutes.



I thank the people who actually read and are helpfully replying, by the way the problem is not that I have a big stomach or can't bent I just start to shake and get scared that I am going to fall down/back but I am going to read up more and more on it.

Thanks again.

  1. Use the ab wheel.

  2. Learn how to power breathe and get tight. Any looseness in your body when you squat is energy leakage.

  3. Keep shit simple. Squat light with a weight you can own and get a bunch of volume in. Slowly increase the weight. As you increase the weight, drop the volume back a little. When you are at a near max weight for 3-5 reps (after many weeks of small increases,) drop the weight back and start the cycle over. That's basic linear periodization...many internet experts slam it but it's absolutely the best way for a beginner to go.

  4. Make sure someone who knows how to squat (preferably a competitive strength athlete) watches you and can help you technique-wise. Watch as many videos as you can of good squatters in training and in meets. Videotape yourself and compare. Make it look right and know what a good squat feels like. It takes time, be patient.


get some good coaching.

You are obviously not the DIY type of person. no amount of reading about squats will help you squat.

so cop a coach or a good training partner.



Thanks man I am going to try that! light weight and see how it goes


when you say your midsection is terrible...do you mean it's weak or it's fat?

If it's fat, you already know how to lose that since you've done the V-Diet

If it's weak, you've gotten some good advice so far. I'd also say that you should do everything standing vs. seated whenever possible....also include as much overhead work as you can