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how can i improve my endurance

Hi i was wondering what i can do to improve my endurance I am 18 years old 5"9 165 pounds with 7% body fat but my endurance sucks when it comes to running. I recently tried out for the Baseball team(which i didnt make:(, im going to do track instead)the coach had us run 10 100 meter sprints the first one I ran really fast and the second one I ran fast but after that my leg muscles were all tight and i was complelty out of breath i ran the next 8 sprints and ended up being the last one to finish and throwing up what should i do to improve my endurance should i just run more sprints, is there any exercises to improve lung capacity and heart condition is it just simple running or is there anything else to do

Plyometrics would do it. Helps me out when I really start training on my martial arts.

If the test is repeated efforts of 10 100 yard sprints, why not start with 10 20’s or thirties or whatever you can handle, bringing up the distance after each successful training session, and alternate the next training session with a few 100’s until your running form gives???
I have also seen wonders with the Tabata protocol, 20 seconds all out effort, 10 seconds active rest for as many cycles as you can stand. 3 minutes is the best I have heard. I would go the first route first on an every other day for a few weeks/

You answered your own question. If you have to run ten sprints, and you go all out of close to all out on the first of course you are going to get tired quickly. If your goal is to run ten 100 meter sprints without tiring start with say 60 seconds rest in between them and make them all in 19 seconds. Every week drop the rest time and you can also drop the time you have to make them in. Plyometrics should not be used to increase aerobic endurance. Why? You should be at 100% for every “set” that you do.

Well, this is for Baseball - not a Marathon, right? I can see if he is going to be in soccer, where there is ALOT more running involved. However this is Baseball, where quick spurts of speed is needed - correct? Hence the Plyometrics. But I’m also a big believer in sport specificity training - if you’re gonna be playing Baseball, the best form of training would be to play Baseball. Batting cage, running from base to base, etc.

Yes, Patricia. Running 10 100 meter sprints is not very useful for training for baseball. BUT it appears his short-term goal is the ability to run 10 100 meter sprints, thus plyometrics would not be the answer (though can still be a very useful training tool and should be used.) It sounds as if this coach has a “running test” for part of his evaluation. He needs to be able to participate and pass this test to have a shot for the baseball team. On another note, the original poster, may want to reevaluate this goal if you are going to be running track and not playing baseball.

If i were trying out for baseball, i would concentrate on strength and power. You dont need endurance in baseball. Work on your baseball skills as much as possible. Im sure this is where you problem lies. I wouldnt worry about being able to do the sprints. When do you ever sprint ten times for 100 meters? I would concentrate more on surviving them than actually exceling at them. concentrate on your skills above everything.

Aren’t you kind of old to be just starting out with track? No matter, you may have raw talent you do not know about. You should first start out, however, by building up your endurance. This you can do by running distance, or middle distance sprinting with little rest. You don’t have to kill yourself, but you do need to get into decent enough shape so that you are able to train. Do this for two weeks. Then start up with the sprint training. You MUST be in good aerobic condition to have high-quality sprint workouts. Otherwise, you will spend all of your time recovering and no time sprinting, or you will be keeled over throwing up as you found out. Hope this helps.

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Charlie Francis and Ian King have very different views on sprint training.

You must start at the beginning and build a base if you level is what you say.
You track coach should be able to provide you with a program. Basically, it would start with Long Slow Distances (LSD), after you build a good base you would then throw in some speed play (short sprints mixed in with medium distance runs). And finally, interval training. This will build the energy systems needed for you sprinting goal.
Best O’Luck.

Don’t waste your time with much base or endurance training as it will only make you slower. If you have the speed you want then it’s only a matter of maintaining that speed for longer distances with shorter rest intervals. The way you do that is by gradually sprinting longer distances with shorter rest intervals…nothing fancy :).

You’ll be doing okay if you do all this. But I think there’s one thing you should add for lung power. Swimming. Nothing builds up aerobic capacity like swimming. Mainly because it’s full-body, plus there’s pressure against your lungs that you have to adapt to. Now, swimming won’t make you tough and you still need actual running to get good at running, but it will make every thing else easier. Try it. If swimming doesn’t suck out your will to live, then you’ve already got good lung power.

I think everyone here is good at providing supplemental work, but if you have to have speed on the 10th of 10 100m sprints, then sprint. You want to bench a lot, bench, you wanna get strong in triceps kickbacks, than do triceps kickbacks. So run if that was the test that you failed at. How much prep did you do prior to tryouts. (key phrase for today, specificity)

I ran track and cross country…if you didn’t make baseball because of your running, good luck! :wink:
The previous advice has been good, but a little too specific perhaps. If you want to improve your sprint recovery, you need to:

  1. build a mileage base (say 3 miles 3 days a week at an easy pace, build to 5)
  2. Run sprints AND longer repeats, such as 400 meter repeats (“quarters”). From what you’ve said, you REALLY need to pace yourself better. Your times should drop slightly for each repeat-FINISH FAST, don’t waste your workout on the first two sprints!
  3. do some simple pylometrics- high knees, power skips, hill bounding, etc.

(hate to say it, but although the t-mag forum certainly has knowledgeable people to help you out, you can find better information on your own…do some reading at the library or runnersworld.com).
good luck