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How Can I Implement Dynamics/Isometrics into My Calisthenics Routine?

Hi, folks, I have recently started Charles Bronson’s-as in the British prisoner not the actor from the revenge movies such as Death Wish-routine from his Solitary Fitness book but unfortunately his workout plans are a recipe for confusion; it does not seem like a beginners routine despite his claims that it is.

Here is the routine that I need help with:

Solitary Fitness workout:

Day 1: 1 x 10 for the following exercises: Push ups, sit ups, squats, squat thrusts, burpees, step ups, star jumps.

Isometrics/dynamics: solitary 11 aka tricep dips (he recommends 10 reps with a 10 second tempo during a near lockout) Solitary 9 aka towel rotator cuff stretch (10 on each arm, alternating from left to right and holding for the count of ten at the most resistance) Solitary 2 (works your triceps)

Day 2: Solitary One (for this one, you need to wrap a towel around both of your hands and then hold it out in front of you at shoulder and chest level. With elbows slightly bent, pull hard in outwards direction and hold in that position for a count of 10. Do a total of 30: 10 in front, 10 at the top and 10 behind your lower back.

1x10 push ups
Solitary three (works the peak of biceps)
Solitary One (another exercise that works the upper arm)
Solitary 5 (an exercises where you hold a chair out in front for you for 10 seconds, do the same again but downwards for 10 secs and the opposite for 10: do a total of 50 reps)
Solitary 7 10 reps on each arm with a 10 second tempo (this works the deltoids).
1 x star jumps
1 x squat thrusts

It is a 28 day program so I won’t type down the full routine but instead you search Solitary Fitness scribd and search for page 160 for the workout plan. It is page 118 until 160 that is explains the solitary exercises known as Dynamic tension/Isometric.

One of the problem that confuses me is that we should not do the plan in a robotic motion and not to tell people that it was his routine or else people would laugh at him.

Can you please define your question or statement? Telling people to find and read 40 pages of something and than not having a question or discussion statement makes it really awkward to help you.

I have decided on using the New Blood plan from Convict Conditioning instead but I want to combine it with dynamic tension exercises but is that a good idea?

I only rely on callisthenics + sprints and plyometrics for my training.

As I see things, cool isometrics are front levers without raising.your legs, RKC planks and pallof presses with bands

and some hardcore stretches:
pistol squat strech, back levers stretch on.dips barrs, gorilla hangs, feet upfront wide squat (againts a wall)
Those are all killers!