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How Can I Heal and Quad Injury

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me.

Between October and December 2010 I had 12-13 Graston Technique treatments to my left thigh by a chiropractor and physiotherapist treating what at that time was a chronic groin strain. The groin is now healed.

However ultrasound in January 2011 showed 3 deep tears to my rectus femoris. This must have started out as small tears from the Graston instruments but became larger with time and repeated treatments.

The pain did not mostly go away when walking until March 2011. I got PRP injections in March and physiotherapists did not get me to strengthen until June 2011. It seemed fully better by October 2011.

Problem is, it has been re-injured a couple times since then, just doing simple stuff like box step-ups, which require a lot of balance. Last time was August 2012. I tried 3 prolotherapy injections, just my own blood, and they made it worse temporarily with no long term benefit at all.

These days, I don’t really have any pain swimming or walking. But doing 100 sit ups causes pain in the left thigh. I still haven’t got back to weightlifting, running, or sports.

I am trying to graduate to leg extensions, leg presses, and squats to build strength, but am very careful because it’s prone to reinjury.

MRI and Ultrasound show no avulsion or calcium just scar tissue. I suspect the quad tendon and muscle fibres do have remaining injury not shown on these scans.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Has anyone heard of mucle strains such as mine and have they finally found a way to effectively heal the muscle???

  2. Does anyone know of any injection or treatment that will work on this injury??? HGH for example?

Thanks, my life has sucked because I have not been able to workout properly for 2 years and I am worried this will be forever. Please help. All advise greatly appreciated.


hey man, I really really wish I could help you, but I’ve got nothing.

GH is something that could maybe help though, I’ve seen guys take it to heal injuries and it worked well, I’ve seen a guy regrow his hair by taking it. Could be worth a shot for sure.

Thanks man, appreciate it. I’m seeing a doctor tommorrow who does anti-aging medicince and synthetic GH. I’ll see what he says, and what kind of data he’s got. If anyone’s interested, I’ll give an update.

UPdate for sure man, I’d love to know what happens

had a rec fem tear early in the year, was big enough according to pt…basically it was 2/3 treatments a week massage work which was bloody painfull + rolling on hockey ball everyday,and after going back training to early twice and haveing a re accurance…took about 6/8 weeks and that was to light jogging and v light leg extensions so if u have 3 biguns u proberly need allot more work dont know much about njections to b honest…be of luck injuries sucks ass

Thanks Davy. Good to know light jogging helped you. I should try that. I’m going to go for the massage too in January for 3-4 weeks, he told me to loosen up before then. Glad you’re doing better.