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How Can I Get Rid of Hemorrhoids?

So I keep getting hymroids, they don’t hurt, but my Doc told me that I cant lift while I have them. The thing is, I cant be the only guy out there that gets these things all the time from lifting with how many guys life. So what can I do to Keep lifting and get reed of them at the same time?

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It depends on how bad they are. If they are really bad, you need to get them removed surgically. If not, yeah, push them back in. Eating more fiber would help… or if you follow paleo diet, then eating more fat might be what you are looking for. Don’t strain while you take a crap, either.

If you’re downing lots of protein, you might want to give pyslium husks a try
Other than that, you could have your 'roids sclerotized. Did the trick for me.

Just to be on the same page: you’re talking about actual hemmorhoides, right, not about perianal hematoma?

FattyFat, I honestly dont know the diffence, my Doc told me they are hemroids, but I dont know if it is actual hemmorhoides, or the perianal hematoma. how can I tell the diffrence?