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How Can I Get Prescribed HCG?

I am back on TRT as of right now and I am feeling fairly good, however I am still having an issue getting prescribed HCG. My doctor is great at handling both thyroid and TRT so I really do not want to ditch him. He even seemed open to prescribing HCG when I asked him a while back. However, I have a bad reaction to urinary hcg-tachycardia ~120bpm, major anxiety, diassociation/depersonalization, and it even at one point caused me to have atrial fibrillation. I was able to discover then that Ovidrel (recombinant hcg) is the only hcg that does not give me such a reaction. I tested this against several other hcg brands and it was consistent, so it is not just an anxiety thing.

As a result of this, I asked my doctor and because he was not familiar with Ovidrel he stated he was not open to prescribing it. This is incredibly frustrating as I am 27 and am looking to maintain fertility.

I contacted defy medical about their hcg assistance program but I am thinking it is probably just for empower hcg.

So my question is: does anyone have any idea on how I can get my doctor to prescribe me the ovidrel? Every time I tell a doctor about this problem with the urinary hcg they look at me like I have five heads. The only doctor I have heard of that does not have a problem prescribing it is Dr. Thomas O’Connor, but I may not be able to afford his services unfortunately.

Sounds like you need to find a doc who is comfortable Rxing this form of HCG. It’s surprising your current TRT doc isn’t open to it

Edit: can you print out some material for him to look over showing what it is? Worked for me in the past

Ovidrel is just a different kind of HCG. Why is your doctor hesitant to prescribe it? This doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Honesty I’m not sure. He said he had never heard of it and he would look it up but based on his response he may have never looked

It’s mostly used for fertility, so I get why he’d be unfamiliar with it. But if you’ve used it before and had success you would think he would be more open to it.

Just tried again with no luck, he’s just not interested in looking into it or hearing my case for it unfortunately. Do you think defy might be open to that idea? I know that John Crisler used to use it and the only reason he quit from what I read was due to the expense

Contact a TRT clinic and see if theyll help. Personally I cycle HCG. 3 months on, 3 months off. Funny that I feel great when I get on it and when Im coming off it.