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How Can I Gain Mass?



What is incel?

I’m scared to google this stuff…


Virgins (male) that hate women…

… also terrorists (in some instances)


Alot of research is showing how internet porn especially the sites with a billion scenes a second does ruin young men especially in regards to dopamine response. You can find a great book by Gary Wilson called “your brain on porn” or the interview he did with Stefan molyneux on youtube.

As per the kid, ton probleme cest que tu mange pas assez et que tu tentraine seulement avec ton corp. Mange plus et ton poid va monter.


I don’t get the NoFap thing either. No porn, okay cool. Porn has been shown to cause issues. Fine, but things like No Nut November. What in the actual fuck? If I didn’t nut for a week let alone a month I would fucking rage murder someone.


Ya, but not watching porn and not nutting are two completely different things.


No, you don’t. Take what you’re currently eating and add peanut butter + milk in massive quantities if you really want the number on the scale to move. Cheap, accessible, quick calories. I’m you’re height. I gained 18 kg in 3 months. Not saying that was my best idea ever, but I do know that if you gained that much weight in a year you’d be much stronger than you are now.

Get weights, and do weighted chin-ups + pushups + ab work. If you can’t get to a gym to squat, sprint.

Said everyone that doesn’t eat ever.

This is false. Your test levels are high because you are a 16 year-old male.


Chicken or egg kinda thing isn’t it?


It’s honestly incredibly toxic. Seems to operate off a premise that they are entitled to sexual relations and that women are withholding it from them. There was a shooter in CA (I think) a few years ago that had a video manifesto expressing many of these thoughts.


That makes sense. I restrain from porn simply because I get obsessed with it, and it more or less isn’t anything that spectacular. Just angles.

But if I don’t masturbate at least semi frequently I too get frustrated.


So they hate women for not having sex with them? Not they are virgins because they’re not into women? Or it’s specific objectification? I really misunderstood this.

My old man soapbox about a lot of those shootings has been around entitlement. The first time we’re told “no” anymore is when we’re 19, it feels like the end of the world because we have no frame of reference, and we’re so selfish we determine that also means nobody else’s life matters - ergo shoot up a bunch of folks on the way out.

BLUF: I’m obviously saving the world every time I make my first-grade basketball players run sprints.


don’t, or you will definitely end up on some watchlist


I didn’t know what you were replying to at first. I was like “for running??”


My bad on that, didn’t see your later reply when I threw that out there.