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How Can I Gain Mass?



I don’t understand why you need advice then…


Because I still have 19,4 BMI. Even if I used to be underweight before and it’s a great leap forward for me, I would like to look like a balanced person and not a slim guy.


Can’t you just keep doing the thing that has been working very well (by your own admission) and gain more weight and muscle?


This is a troll


Yeah definitely, after the BMI thing I have no doubts lol





What the hell is that and what the hell does it have to do with your T level?

Shit… after rereading some of his post. This Kid is going to probably preach about the benefits of calisthenics which is now the new trend on You Tube. I will lay money on it!


I’m more or less completely focused on the NoFap thing.

Jacking it, regularly, for dudes and gals, doesn’t really do anything against your Test levels. They fluctuate before, during, and after sex, normally. Obviously too much of anything isn’t the way to go. But if you wish to give yourself some attention then do so.

Abstaining for long periods of time actually screws with Test levels. Depending on the individual, it can be a lot or little.

So you’re free to touch yourself. Yupp. That sounds weird. Lol


So no fab means he’s not jerking off? I guess my age is showing since I do not know all the new slang




Or is it a regional term?


Nofap literally means no jerking off.

If you wanna have a good laugh, Google nofap reddit. There’s a whole reddit full of people talking about the benefits.


I believe you… Just did not know the term since it was my first time hearing it. I just thought it was my age and that it is used by younger people . I was also thinking it was a term that just is not used in my own little part of the world.


No gym NO gain bro