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How Can I Gain Mass?

Hey there guys,
I’m a new guy out here. I’m 16 and I come frome France.
I have been strughling for a few months to gain weight. I now weight 62 kg and I am 1m80 tall. I’ve been doing bodyweight exercises at home 4 times a week for ~4 months. Each of my sessions is 30-40 minutes long, quite intense. I have definitely gained muscle, but I am still quite skinny.
I eat and drink a lot, but I don’t gain so much weight or muscle mass. I am only 16, so I don’t have so much freedom to choose what I eat (although I eat very healthy). The reason why I can’t gain weight is because I have a quick metabolism, so my body burns energy very fast.
To all the experimented guys over here, do you have any advice about how I could gain some muscle and body mass? I would be very grateful to you, even if I know there are not so many people with this problem.
Thanks people for your answers :+1:
P.S: I’m on NoFap so my testosterone levels are high as f*ck

What do you eat in a typical day? I’m almost positive you don’t eat as much as you think you do.

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Stop this nonsense immediately. That’s not how this works.

Can you lift weights somewhere?


How did you go about getting your metabolism tested?

What were your levels at your last blood draw?

Last time I had mine tested it was at the upper end of the scale, and I knock one out left right and centre plus have sex with a real life woman. Crazy right.

The key is eating more, you may think you eat lots, you may on the rare occasion actually eat a lot. But if the scale isn’t going up then your not eating enough consistently enough.


No, there is no gym near my house and I don’t have the time. But would it change anything to my weight? I heard that gym was bad for young people.

I drink ~1 liter of milk + 2 toasts with marmelade on breakfast, usually 2 portions of meat (chicken or beef) + potatoes or rice & veggies, and additional bowl of milk and a slice of ham a 4 PM, then it really depends for dinner usually some veggies & meat
I almost always go for 2 servings at each meal, and drink 1,5 liters water apart from meals and sport.
So honestly I don’t really see how I can eat more. Please tell me if you have a way of doing it.

I read about high metabolism and EVERYTHING they describe is exactly the same with me.
Would you have tips on how to eat more, what to eat, or advice about how I do my workouts?

I think I found the issue.


What’s the problem? Bodyweight ewercises are awesome, you can really do some hard things. Anyway I still can progress using this method, there areuch harder exercises or longer reps that I can’t do yet.

Like what? Not gaining weight? That’s also related to not eating enough. I believe actually having a high or low metabolism is actually pretty rare. Don’t put your self in a box of high metabolism and use it as an excuse because you will only be robbing yourself of finding the real reason. I’m speaking from experience as I used to be the same.

Plenty of cheap easy ways to get extra calories in, my favourites are…

100g of mixed nuts a day
Olive oil shots
2 slices of bread with every meal
Pint of whole milk with every meal
As much beef/pork nice as you can
Blended oats added to your milk

Plus you are right, plenty you can do with bodyweight work, getting access to weights would be great but you should still be able to gain some mass doing body weight stuff.


What is this «olive oil shot» thing? Btw, I already drink 1,5 liters of milk a day. Thanks fir the bread advice. Also, should I go for an additional meal? And would you have advice about some equipment like dumbells I could buy for training at home (no heavy stuff pls).
Last, I do not want to spend all my time around body building. My objective here is to gain weight and muscles, maybe ~10-20 kg over the next 2 years or so.

I used to think I ate a lot. Then I started using a calorie counter and weighing and measuring everything I ate. Found out I was barely hitting 2500 calories vs the 4000 I believed I was eating. Big difference. I started eating 4000 calories and realized it was a lot more food than I ever dreamed of.

May try measuring and counting to ensure you’re hitting your goal.

Ways to add extra calories though are adding olive oil or coconut oil to foods or shakes if you have shakes. Also snacking on nuts can add extra calories etc. I’ve had friends trying to gain weight who would always be munching on something. They’d eat nuts, drink tons of milk, eat pretzrls, etc.


You should be able to get some kind of adjustable dumbbells that you can add plates to as you get stronger. Weighted vests as well. Those add weight to squats push-ups etc. Look for a pull up bar too, they fit in a door way. Something I used to do when I was a kid was get a book bag and fill it with rocks or whatever was heavy enough and do curls and squats. Didn’t work for push-ups though bc it was too unstable.

Idk man, I am not the most jacked guy on earth, far from it, but if I were you my priority would be joining a gym asap, along with starting to eat more.

If you think push-ups and planks alone will make you big, report back in two years…

It’s just pouring out a 25ml glass of Olive oil and drinking it, easy to add it to Orange juice also.

If you are very slim and the scale is not moving then yes eat at every opportunity.

Can do so much with a set of dumbbells and a bar, if you can get some with some cheap weights then that would be great. Can get bands for cheap on eBay also which can be used many ways. Plus you could fill up some bags of sands or find some heavy rocks or barrels of water, really so many options to add loads.

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I must say, I’ve been training seriously only for 2 months and the results are pretty damn satisfying… My muscle mass increased a lot, and I gained weight alright, I just want more of it.

Ok… That really sounds barbaric :joy: and must taste aweful… Is it danger-free for health?
Whatever, I’ll try once a day. Thanks for the advice

Also, I never trained using weights. Do you have a typical workout plan, so that I could see what types of exercises there are? I only do push-ups (although god knows ther’s a trillion different), abs, and all this kind of thing.

Why are you asking for advice if you know everything? Keep doing what you’ve been doing if it works for ya.

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It works, but I start being concerned if it will still work at more advanced level…