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How Can I Fix My Posture?


i'm not a beginner lifter, i've lifted for four years, but I figured I should go back to the basics. I'm only 18, but I think I'm already damaging my body from lifting because my shoulders are rounding forward and my neck leans forward. i try to balance chest/back, but i guess the rounding is an indication of serious imbalance. my question is how should i fix my posture? should i take a break from lifting and stretch my chest until it's fixed? or should i stop doing chest exercises and just do back for a little while? also, is it possible that building up the upper back and traps too much could be pushing my neck forward? thanks!


Muscle imbalance or bad habit?



...There was another good one that I can't remember right now. I'll post it if I can think of it. The Neanderthal no more articles are pretty good too.


Do a search for the 'Neanderthal No More' series, that and the article above should help you out.

Good call on addressing this early, before it starts to become more of a problem.


sit straight every time ?


Supinated deadlifts.

Seated rowing.

Pec stretches.

Dumbbell military press.

Strict barbell bicep curls.

Dowel rod push ups (pointed out in the article 'everything push-ups') - http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=2139352

Barbell rowing.

Face pulls/Seated rowing to the neck.

Neck exercises (3-way neck machine, for example.)

And once pointed out by EC, increased volume does wonders for your posture.

I've also had very pronounced forward head posture, ruins your appearance, and it is extremely hard to fix. You need to be constantly aware of it in your everyday life to keep your head up and back. I would say deadlifts and direct neck work have been the best exercises to help me overcome this.


I know some of you are gonna think "Pussy!", but you should really try Yoga. It fixed my posture problems by lengthening the muscles that were preventing me from moving in the right directions.


Here are a few articles on the subject.

De-constructing the computer guy (1&2)

Neaderthol no more (1,2,3&4)

Heal that hunchback

Hope this helps.



Looks fine to me.
I actually have a little arch where my torso is more forward, anyone know how to address this?


That's usually from weak abs, strengthen them up a bit and you'll straighten out (that's what worked for me).



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Looks to me like you are psyching yourself out. You back could use some work but your posture isnt that bad


What exercises did you do?


You are becoming slighly kyphotic. I and a training partner of mine fixed this for us with focusing on the rear delts and lower trap areas. also, as liftsmart said, try to fix bad habits, like slouching in a chair with no back support,...sit on a stool and sit straight up....also, when you are just loafing around or walking, pull your shoulders back and down to an exaggerated level and hold for 20-30 seconds, it is a good way to strengthen those muscles....also stretch the shoulders and pecs and biceps more


I must be noob, cos he looks medically normal to me.


Whoops, I misread your comment (usually on here late at night).

I was thinking lordosis: heavier emphasis on deads and work on the HS Crunch did wonders.