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How Can I Fix My Form?

Obviously, my OHP form is all wrong. And on the last rep, it looks more like a wide press with elbows out, which Im guessing is wrong.

What can I do to fix my form, and maybe while Im at it fix my lower back curve…

There is an article on the front page “Ready to Overhead Press” which has great info. I also believe Mike Robertson had an overhead press article posted a few weeks ago. Give the articles a read. It should help you alot.

I have read those articles, but I dont really understand them… Im still pretty new to lifting.

I think the main problem is the curve in the lower back, which Im guessing is lordosis-related, though I havent had a doctor back this up

Try using a shoulder width thumbless grip, that should help the flaring.

you want the bar to move basically straight up and down. that means that as you lift it you are going to have to pull your face back out the way of the bar. it should feel like your head is in the bloody way. that is because it is.

i’m stronger at pressing if i lean back a little and use my back, too, but that isn’t so good for the back. use your abs to crunch forwards a little (hope that makes sense) to prevent your leaning backwards like you are.