How Can I Even Out My Pecs

Look at the picture. My left pec is way bigger than my right.
When I bench press, sometimes the left part of the bar goes up faster than the right.
However, when I DB bench press, my right arm goes up faster than my left… weird.

Anyway, what can I do to correct this? It really really annoys me. They used to be equal. My friend has the same problem, and his pecs used to be equal as well.


Eat 10 steaks a week for 5 years and come back.

Hahahah you’re right I guess. I’m 6’0 and weigh 170.
Anyway, it just really bothered me because when I was skinner, they were fine. As I got bigger, the difference in size between them grew.

So I’m thinking the bigger I get, they will continue to differ in size. How can I prevent that.

It’s hard to see a difference without posting a straight forward pic instead of standing at an angle.

Like bonez said, start eating and packing on some weight. As you get bigger they will even out, not get worse. Work on your form a bit and eat some food…You will be just fine.

hawt abz bro.

In all seriousness, you’ll be fine once you gain some mass. My chest started off uneven and now its fine…40lbs later.

Ok. I’m thinking the reason why my pecs were “even” to begin with was… they weren’t. Maybe I had zero mass to begin with so of course they will look even since the fat is spread evenly about my chest, and any TINY amount of muscle would go by unnoticed.

Ok… if I don’t seen an improvement by the time I put on another 20lbs I guess I’ll have to change something up and maybe go unilateral DB benches.

… you already know the answer, that being if it was uneven: … unilateral work… yet you still ask a question on here… lolwut.

I didn’t mention the only reason I lift weights is for my vertical leap. I play basketball and I want to get faster and jump higher. I just joined this board to ask this question because I thought you guys would know better than some others at my other forum.

Basically this means I’m not after mass, I’m just after strength (but if the mass comes with it that’s perfectly fine). I’m on Rippetoe’s 3x5 program and plan to stick with it, so it may take a while to even out my chest.

Just to clear up one small thing. Doing DB press one arm at a time is unilateral. Doing it with both hands going up and down together is bilateral.

You should do both dumbell press and barbell press. Not in the same workout, obviously, but if you have both options available you should use them. A 6-8 week rotation of both is a plan that allows progression and appreciable gains.