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How Can I Even Consume This

I just calculated how many calories I need in a day and I came out with 5250 calories a day if I want to gain muscle. Right now i probably get in on average about 2500 calories a day give or take a few hundred. I’m just worried if i eat that much ill pack on some extra fat that i def. dont want. Could I get some help on some good foods I can eat to get to 5250 calories or make it easier.

BTW I’m 6’0 224 pounds and twenty years old and i noticed everyone always asks for a picture so ill throw one out…and i have no idea what my body fat percentage is…You could determine

Well, there’s a few things you can do to make sure you don’t add any extra fat:

  • Make sure the majority of those 5250 calories are from clean food sources. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to bump up your calories by just adding a little extra nuts, olive oil, natural peanut butter, red meat, etc.

  • Put in the appropriate amount of work with the weights. You’re taking in a surplus of calories for a reason!

  • Don’t abandon cardio.

You can’t be afraid to eat more, dude. I know it’s unsettling at first, but once you get over the initial phases it becomes second nature. Good luck!

what the above poster said.

also i doubt you need 5250 cals to bulk up. im 6 feet too and 240 lbs right now and im aiming for 5000… though i think im getting more.

generaelly i try to eat clean somewhat so that i feel way better, more energized, faster muscle and strength progress and less fat.

meats i eat anything that i like as long as its not too processed. so meat with fat is great. also i feel way way more powerful and make progress faster when i eat meat with fat for some reason

fish is always good.

olive oil, almonds or peanuts

spaghetti(normal with cheese and sauce) or brown rice.

milk and eggs if you can add them would be great. im intolerant to milk, and eggs annoy me, though i eat eggs when my mom decides to cook em haha.

veggies are great too

fruits i like to eat one in the morning, one before workout, one afterwards. more before workout if you want for more energy.

its not that hard really. your metabolism and stomach will adapt pretty quick if you keep stuffing them for the first month or so.

and cardio definitely helps if you are so worried about gaining fat.

Don’t shoot for 5000 calories.

Shoot for 500 calories more than you currently eat. That should have you put on size.

Are you getting enough protein?

[quote]Otep wrote:
Don’t shoot for 5000 calories.

Shoot for 500 calories more than you currently eat. That should have you put on size.

Are you getting enough protein?[/quote]

Exactly. Your eating 2,500 now? Start eating 3,000 for a week and then gradually build up to assess your progress. Even if 5,250 is what you need, jumping straight to it wouldn’t be a good idea. Have lean meats/proteins with every meal and you’ll be ok.

on average I usually hit hit my 1 to 1 ratio on average i get 230 grams of protein

Im just confused on how many carbs I need right now Im conflicted If i want to lose fat or bulk is there a certain amount i can eat and get both?? but right now I usually get 100-150 grams of carbs a day

eat more. Haha, you probably dont need to eat that much if you arent losing weight on 2500, try 3000, and if that doesnt work try 3500, and if that doesnt work try 4000 etc.

thank you for everyones input btw i really appreciate it