How can I discuss with my father (associate prof in Internal Medicines) that TRT is not extra harmful for prostate cancer risk

He is so aggressively telling me that TRT - exogenous testosterones causing prostate cancer.

I have shown some academic research papers but couldn’t convince him.

I am pretty sure we have experts here. Would like to get your arguments for this.

Alhamdulillah I have got enormous benefits from TRT so I would like to continue. I am using Sustanon 250 mg. Taking every 5 / 6 days 125 mg

Sometimes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. There is a ton of research out there proving your point. If he’s too stubborn your probably wasting your time unfortunately.

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Which one do you think best one to show? thank you

What @blshaw said. Highly doubt no matter what you show him he will change his mind. Remember, he’s the prof. He is smarter than you.
If you are getting benefit and your bloodwork supports what you are doing than why do you need to convince him of anything? Let yourself be the guinea pig and prove it to him with your data.
Just out of curiosity how old are you?

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36 years old

Got. Just looking for a little additional context.
Would be a different answer if you were 18yo. You do you man.


ye i agree

Just Google a few. Here is such one.


Several studies have been conducted to analyze the impact of testosterone replacement on PSA. Except for a rise in PSA shortly after initiating testosterone therapy, there is no increased risk of developing prostate cancer while on testosterone replacement therapy


No clear relationship has been demonstrated between testosterone replacement and the risk of incident prostate cancer in any recent and carefully designed studies

There was never any proof of testosterone causing prostate cancer, it was a a myth created by doctors. The data says the opposite, declining testosterone and prostate cancer risk are strongly linked.

Here’s how the myth was created->


I have a father like this, he’s insecure, stubborn, and has a big ego.

I quit trying to convince him years ago.

I find it fascinating that someone can believe something without any proof, and then, when proof of the contrary comes out, it’s not believed, strange, indeed.

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Don’t waste your time or energy. More importantly, figure out why you care what he thinks.