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How Can I Convince My 66Y/O Dad to Get on TRT?

My dad is one of those stubborn guys who think ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’. I suggested to him to check his T levels at doc and of course its low which I already knew since its low for 99% of men 50+ but my dad didn’t care to ask for testosterone even tho PCP might’ve generally went over quickly how he would benefit from it

Summer 2014 I convinced him to go on e-cigs and switched over and been on them since. He use to smoke regular cigarettes for 30 years.

I give him examples of couple guys in my gym around his age who looked ripped for their age and have the vibe of younger energetic men. And also others who regret they didn’t start their TRT earlier, how it can prevent diseases, prolong life, better vitality,energy,clarity,less sleep,etc
My dad isn’t lazy or anything and is actually okay in health except type 2 diabetes(he’s not overweight but ate way too many sweets and has to watch out or take metformin occasionally not insulin) and occasional blood pressure meds. He’s still working full time, funny in a sarcastic way, etc and i think thats why he believes he doesn’t need TRT

It boggles my mind he doesn’t care for it despite how he could be even better

It sounds to me that there is no compelling reason for him to start TRT. More importantly, it doesn’t sound like he has an interest in doing it (ie. he isn’t so interested in the benefits), respect his decision.


Yeah it makes me mad someone his age is denying fountain of youth plus hes my dad i want him to be at his best health and happiness

Why complicate his life? He’s doing alright, who knows one day he might ask you about it.

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No sir. I want my dad to be at his best energy/happyiness for HIM its coming from good intentions

Yep, there’s no point in leading a horse to water if you’re not going to drown it.

Focus on you. If he needs the help he will know who to ask. I want the same for my 70yo father too, but he does what a man does. He follows his lead. You cant force him into TRT, so you have nothing to go on.

So his health is fine and he’s happy.

Sounds like you just have an issue with your dad not being ripped. Perhaps you should seek counciling, its you with the issue, not your Dad.


Not everything needs medical intervention

Lol you stretched the hell out of that one…I just want the best for him at his age similar to why I asked him to stop smoking and start vaping if he wants to continue nicotine which he did in 2014. Anyways I’m done convincing him after the post

While TRT has benefits, it also comes with risks. Perhaps he knows of some of the risks and doesn’t seem that the benefit outweighs them? You look and feel great, but then after a stroke, heart attack or severe blood clot, you kinda might be forced back to square one, only now with possibly a physical disability (in case you survived). Some are still willing to give it a go, fine. Some are not. Also fine.

It can be frustrating. However, if he is happy with the way he feels, looks and functions (and his spouse/significant other is happy) then you are probably wasting your time and aggravating him.

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I think this is right on. Also the reason why guys on this forum tend to inject more…

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My dad is the same, he was a marine and severed two tours in Nam. My father has low-T (86 years old) and has diabetes as a result and refuses to listen to me about why he has it in the first place, he thinks his medicare doc is the best in the world and no one can tell him different.

My dad should be on TRT because that’s why he has insulin resistance in the first place, good old docs treating the symptoms never addressing the primary cause.

What about letting him try a one time shot of 80-100 mg. Let him feel the honey moon phase . Him and your mom might enjoy that. Of course the down side is he could get a little anxious from the sudden boost in testosterone level. And be turned off.

After I made this thread I hinted to dad that it’s up to him whether he wants TRT or not and I apologized if it seemed I was pushing it on him…

However today he let me know he started Testosterone Cypionate yesterday at doc office…he’ll be going in for a 200mg shot every 2 weeks and get bloodwork at 3 month mark…as last time few weeks ago it showed his T at 197 which is higher than I guessed since he’s 67…makes me wonder how mine was 200’s at age 24…

Anyways the 2 week protocol seems like he will have a drop Midway… This is a general doc by the way and not a specialist

This is no good, this will if anything force him to want to quit. Your dad needs a specialist and not a doc that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of testosterone enanthate in patients with hypogonadism

This is the standard protocol used by PCPs and most urologists. It’s not ideal and you’ll find no one on the forum supporting every other week injections. I do not know the statistics, it’s been a while since I’ve seen some, but keep in mind that literally hundreds of thousands of men are taking testosterone this way. In discussing the half-life, esters, E2, SHBG, etc., with GPs, I get blank stares, and some referrals as they realize they don’t know a lot about TRT and don’t want to mess with it.

Anyway, these patients do just fine for the most part. They know nothing about fluctuations, SHBG or E2. I’ve been told by some offices that the guys like to come in for their injections on Fridays, go figure, so some have noticed they feel “due” for their shot and want to feel best over the weekends.

Your father will probably be fine, and if he is overly sensitive to fluctuations he can have that conversation with his doctor. If nothing else, he’ll notice the difference when more test is in his system and be more likely to move on to a TRT specialist, if necessary.

Also, have him get his blood drawn at the end of the second week, 13-14 days post injection.

Let us know how he is doing on this protocol. It would be ironic if it works for him while we younger guys are fussing around with frequency…

We younger guys probably lift and don’t want less T on lifting days is my guess lol…plus I think we want to be more on our ‘life game’ lol