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How Can I Cheat my TRT Test?

Ok so I have been taking test cyp 1cc two times a week I usually take 1cc a week as my doc wanted but 1cc two times a week makes me feel great in the gym and what not. So my question is i need to get blood work done in one week how can I make it look like I’ve been doing what they told me to do??? my last shot was Monday 1/16/18 and I gat my blood done on Wednesday 1/24/18 …Will I be ok if I just don’t take a shot till after then???

The half life of test cyp is something like 8 days, so by next Wednesday you should be close to your levels taking your normal 1cc/wk (200mg?) dose. If the doctor wanted you to take the test at the end of your normal injection cycle (i.e day of or before your next injection) I would suspect your levels would still be a bit high.

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I wouldn’t inject. I had to do something similar, and was able to get my level down after a week and a half of injecting a smaller number.

You are doing double what they said, so I think skipping it wouldn’t hurt.

I wouldn’t inject if it were me.

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If not, you should quit screwing around with your meds.

How many mg per ml in your test? Probably 200, but could be more. How long have you been doubling up? What are you going to do when you run out of test from doubling up? Are you taking an AI? Did you double that as well?

These are all things that are relevant and that you should know are relevant.


Yes its 200mg and no not a troll i have only been doubling for about 2 weeks now i was trying to get a little more out of the gym …also joint this site to learn more about the ins and out

Sometimes less is more, if your E2 starts climbing it negates T’s effect on your receptors. It take 4-6 weeks for blood levels to stabilize, a little more here and a little more there will do nothing. Everytime you adjust your dosage you disrupt T’s effects until such time you reach a stable state. Only after a stable state is reached can you realise any gains.

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But Rich Piana told Us differently! He would do 20 ccs at monday to shock the body!!! Just kidding, you are right, good point!

How’d that work out for him, lol.

you’re running 400mg per week. of course it feels good, it’s a steroid cycle, not TRT at that point. Testosterone REPLACEMENT therapy. Nobody naturally has the testosterone levels that you’re achieving with this dose. It is no longer a medicinal therapy. It’s drug abuse.

if you’re working with a doctor, be honest. The fact that you’re getting 200 per week is already higher than what most doctors want to prescribe.

As a side note, I’m curious how you intend to manage your testosterone supply if you intend to continue to use double what was prescribed. What are you going to do when you run out earlier than you’re supposed to?

Your doctor did not prescribe you TRT so that you can ‘get a little more out of the gym’.

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Hell yeah… you are THE MYTH

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Your doctor is making medical decisions—for which he/she is liable—based off of your blood work. And you’re screwing around with that source of information. Stop doing that.