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How Can I Change Candito 6 Week Program?

So I’ve read online that the program is great for powerlifting and so I went and checked it my self. It seems like a really good program but my problem is that I can’t train 5 days a week (1st 2weeks), my current program has me in the gym for 3days (running a LP, since I recently started Powerlifting) and that is great for me since I have other stuff like school in my life.

So here is my question should I change the program to like 4days a week for the first 4 weeks and keep 3 days a week for the 1-2 last weeks? Can I even run this with 3 days a week from start to finish (for the whole month). Lastly if I did change the program day frequency would it affect me that much? and has anyone tried it?(I know it won’t be the most optimal for strength gains). Any feedback is really appreciated!

If you can’t train 5 days a week on that program, I would jump to his strength-power program that can be run 3-4 days per week.

BTW I am a big fan of Candito’s programs, well worth the time.

Either drop the middle upper body day or move the volume of the last upper body day into the other days (you can probably get away with adding just a single extra set on each day). You probably need to think about how that max reps day works out…