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How Can I Be Fat or Strong?


Hi everybody, i'm from China and find here by google search. I'm 171CM height with 48KG weight, very very thin. I want to be fat, and strong. I just went through the beginner guide post but found nothing helps me. Can anyone tell me or post article link to help me to find the way to be fat? Many Many thanks..


you sir, are an idiot. Havent you got anything better to do than troll on the internet? Try socializing with actual people



Lift heavy weights



Seems I'm not welcome here ha..but is there anything wrong with my question?


Yes. If you haven't found anything relevant to you in the beginner section, then you haven't looked. You haven't brought anything to the table in your first post, therefore, it sucked.


Maybe I missed something, will look more carefully..thanks for all your replies.


Where on this site would he find anything relevant to being fat? Its a troll plain and simple


eat like sumo

lift heavy shit

eat like sumo



"Fat" = mis-translation of "big". Did you miss the part where he mentioned he was from China? Possible he is a troll, but having been around ppl from China, this kind of language mistranslation and wrong language is very common.


There are lots of articles in the top forum threads in the beginner section. Check the stickies.

Basic information on eating to get big--

1) eat more protein--chicken, beef, fish, etc.

2) every single time you eat something you should have some protein source with every meal or snack.

3) eat something every 3 hours unless you are sleeping. Even if you are not hungry.

4) always, always, always eat breakfast.

5) work very very hard with heavy weights 3 to 5 times a week. If you do not work hard with weights, you will not get muscle. You must do this for a long time to see results. Patience and consistency are required. In other words, don't skip workouts.

The rest is up to you reading and getting a routine.


Mabey he's looking to be PHAT....


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Aha, I'm very happy to see that so many people replied this post when i wake up..thanks for your help.
And, yes, my English is poor, I did not make it clear with "FAT", I mean I want to increase my weight, such as from 48KG to 65KG.. and some of you has got it ^.^


Just a note for the other T-Nation members. If I remember correctly, one of the Chinese (Mandarin) words for strong is "peng", which is also commonly used to mean fat. So yeah, he's not trying to troll, it's just a translation issue.


Hi Aragorn, thank you very much for your patient reply..the doctor told me to do sports every day, but not mentioned what kind of sport. I joined the swimming club last week, but heard swimming is to lose weight after that..
Can you give me some suggestion?


Try weight lifting. all sports will cause you to lose weight if you're not eating enough


Deng-- I agree with lemonman. Try weightlifting. Weight lifting is specifically designed to work your muscles and allow weight gain. It is also specifically designed to make you strong, if you are willing to do it for a long time.

If you enjoy sports such as swimming, cricket, football, or anything else, then by all means play them.

Gaining weight is about eating enough to grow. It will not matter what sport you play or how much you lift weights if you do not eat enough to grow larger every day. Not just a couple days of the week, or a couple weeks out of the month, but EVERY DAY.

The sports you play or the weight you lift will decide whether the extra weight is muscle or stomach fat. Eating more will make you grow.

Look at my response to you above--those rules will help you grow if you apply them and also lift weights consistently 4 times a week. Write down what you eat, the times you eat, and how much protein and calories your food has. Use a notebook or a website like dailyplate.com to record it. Lift weights 4 times a week. Then weigh yourself once a week to see if you are gaining weight.

If you are gaining weight, good. If you are not, look at the calories you were eating that week, then add 300 calories to those numbers and eat that amount every day while lifting weights.


Hi Aragorn, I think I'm clear enough about it now. Will try the way that you mentioned, and again, thank you very very much.


No problem, glad to help if I can. If you get confused or stuck ask some more questions in this beginner's section.

It does not happen fast or in a short time. In this one single way it is very much like kung fu, or art of any kind. I do not want to be stereotypical, but China is the birth place of martial arts and I love them too. Therefore I think it is a good analogy. It is a good comparison from my experience practicing martial arts. Both kung fu and weight lifting require patience and hard work to progress, even though they are different in almost every other way.

It is a long journey requiring patience and consistent work.

Just be consistent and try to improve something small every time you lift weights. Could be technique, more lifting more weight, or lifting the same weight more times than last time.

A good weekly goal is to try to gain 0.5 kg a week in body weight. Some weeks will be more, some may be less.

A caution or warning about lifting weights--you are just starting out. A good rule for beginners is to lift a weight between 8-15 repetitions before resting. If you can lift it more than 15 times the weight is too easy. If you cannot lift it even 8 times before resting the weight is too heavy.

I assume you are talking about lifting general weights or "bodybuilding" to gain weight. If you choose to do the sport of olympic weightlifting like Zhang Guozheng, find a coach and do what they say.