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How Can a Neural Charge Workout Look Like?


I am thinking of trying out the pulse fast this weekend. Christian wrote in the live spill, that it would be a good idea to do a neural charge workout, when you were fasting.
Can anyone explain how such a workout could look like? I tried to search the board, but only found what exercises you could use, but not how the setup should be.


First, be sure to check out the video on neural activation here: http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-blog/training-lab/8268

I'm not CT obviously, but here's my take.

The setup includes pretty much a dynamic circuit consisting of exercices specifically meant to activate or charge up the nervous system for a later workout in the same day ("neural charge") or for the following day ("neural recovery"). Use your weak points and overall fitness goals to help you in your exercise selection.

Although I haven't started the pulse-fast yet (still getting more $ first), I have incorporated neural activation workouts into my weekly training because of their effectiveness.

Here's an example of what mine included. I performed the following circuit about four or five times before really starting to feel 'in the zone' then I stopped right after:

A. Walking Lunges (bodyweight) over a 10 foot distance up to a bench then performed an explosive jump over the bench
B. One-arm DB row (standing) - used a weight representative of about 60-70 percent of my max (since I consider myself to be in that 'intermediate stage' with lifting experience) and performed five reps on one arm before switching to the other (e.g. 60-70% 1RM x 5)
C. Barbell Power Snatch - 50-60% 1RM x 3