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How Calisthenics Training Impacts Size/Strength?

After lifting casually for a decade and seriously for ~8 years, I have found some plateaus that discourage progressive training. I don’t supplement, just eat right. My idea is to pivot to other disciplines - gymnastics / calisthenics - to re-examine mind-body connections and then return to resistance training. Will pivoting to different training negatively impact muscle growth or strength potential?

Most likely yes. Your function is going to dictate what your body will adapt to. If you want to be strong, train for strength. If you want to grow muscle, train for hypertrophy. If you’e going to do gymnast work then your body will adapt appropriately for that. If your base level of strength is deep (meaning you’ve been training the basics for a long time) then you may see a dip or may not. But don’t expect to be maximally strong or large if that’s not what you’re training for.