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HOW CA N I grow thighs while shrinking butt

I have a genetically large and muscular butt. I squatted for 10 years and my butt grew faster and bigger then my thighs. Any recommendations on how to grow my thighs but not my ass? leg ext and leg curls dont involve the glutes. but will they increase the size of my thighs? actually i just want more defined thighs. i have started doing HIT running 3:1 ratio.

Front Squats? Have you tried those?

I agree with Patricia. Try front squats. In general, shift the volume of your leg work over to more quad-dominant exercises then hip-dominant exercises. Don’t neglect hip-dominant exercises entirely though, as you don’t want to cause a muscular imbalance.

i have noticed some huge gains in the ass area since i started squatting with a narrow stance,(shoulder width).i am in the middle of ian kings “white men can jump” routine and its big on leg results and on the ass area.anyway,your situation is a bit difference since you want to minimize the rear gain…try squatting in a wide stance.that always gave me a legs but no butt workout.thats my 2 cents…good luck

Sissy squats (which ain’t for sissies).

Definitely front squats. I have the same problem and front squats are working for me. I also do leg presses but limit the range of motion so that the ole buttocks doesn’t get involved.

I don’t think you can shrink the butt. So concentrate on growing the quads. Another thing which is helping is growing the hams. Bigger hams reduce the appearance of a$$ maximus.


not sure how your grow your hams that much with out your butt… additionally i dont feel my glutes that much in hack squats

I think the key word in your post was that you wanted Definition. Do you know what your current body fat level is? You probably have a genetic disposition to deposit fat on your butt, too. Losing fat (via diet and caloric balance) will give you the definition you want in your thighs and reduce all your problem areas. Cheak out some of the eating plans on this site, too, if you haven’t already.