How 'bout those COLTS!!


Yeah baby, they are for real. The game against Tampa was awesome (if you leave out the first 3 quarters, HaHa). Now I’ve jinxed’em. They’ll probably end up 5-11. Oh, well its been great so far. Any other Hoosiers or Colts fans on the forum?

What about em?

Yes, I’m a huge Colts and Pacers fan. It’s been especially hard since I’ve moved to Ft. Wayne because I don’t get any of the Pacers games, but hopefully someday I’ll be independently wealthy and I can get the NBA Package or something! The only upside so far is I do get to see the Colts when they are blacked out in Indy.

Good to see there are some fellow Indiana sports fans on the forums!

Stay strong

I believe I predicted them to win in an earlier thread that was started last Friday or Saturday. I know what’s up.

The game was FIXED! 2 of the worst calls I seen in football. The first one was Roughing the kicker and the second was that leaping BS unsportsman like conduct. Although Tampa Bay shouldn’t have let it gotten to that point in the first place. But, I say the game was FIXED!

Fitone, you’re a moron. The roughing the kicker call was against the Colts. The NFL also help up the call against Rice saying that the correct decision was made. The Colts fucked up time and time again during that game and still won, that’s just how good they are. They weren’t so lucky against the Panthers however. On the other hand, if the Colts and Carolina do happen to play again, although the chance of Carolina making it to the Super Bowl with a shitty passing game is minimal, Indy will destroy them. I will also say that if you think the officiating was terrible in the game at Tampa Bay, you should’ve seen the one against the Panthers. There were three seperate calls against the Colts in the 4th quarter that were absolutely ridiculous.

BTW, I’m also a huge Colts and Pacers fan.

I never liked the colts but i have to admit this year they are for real , they are looking really good. That game against the bucs had to be fixed, how does the best defence give up 35 points in the second half, thats bull shit.

First off, the Colts played a pretty bad game this weekend and still hung with a tough Carolina squad. All you non-believers out there need to remember that we’ve played at least the last 3 games w/o our Pro Bowl running back…The RB by committee hasn’t worked out too badly thus far, however.

As far as the Tampa Bay game, the Colts were playing into their hands for the first 3.5 quarters. Dink and dunk passes and runs won’t cut it against a defense with that kind of team speed. When they opened it up and threw the ball downfield (which isn’t always easy with Tampa’s pass rush) you can expose their weaker corners and use their aggressive style against them to hit the big play. That’s exactly what the Colts did, and I wouldn’t be suprised if other teams started to do it as well. IF they can protect the QB that is…

Can’t wait for the Pacers this year, even though we lost a key ingredient in Brad Miller.

Stay strong

Well said Mike. On the subject of the Pacers however, fuck Brad Miller. The only reason that he was as “good” as he was with the Pacers was because of Jermaine. I absolutely can’t wait to see Pollard tear up the Eastern Conference this season; and here’s the best part…with all of that salary cap room freed up by trading Miller and Reggie most likely retiring after this season, the Pacers are going to be able to sign just about any damn free agent that they want. KG in a Pacers uniform? It could happen.

Congrats to the Colts, tough squad. Um did I mention my 5-0 Vikings??? Got to ride it now who knows when it will stop!