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How 'Bout Them COWBOYS???!!!!


Its gonna feel GREAT when they go 1-15


you sir are a troll.


Dude there is an NFL thread.

Look around.

Don't just spam bullshit, DH might fucking shoot your aSS, :wink:


tony homo
superb owl at home
"we superb owl at home now!"



Nay sir, I am an Eagles fan.


Here's the only good reason to go to a cowboys game!


Let him have his fun, it is very hard when you have never won a Super Bowl. The Eagles biggest claim in the NFL is hitting Santa with snow balls.


What up no happy ending?


^Just like a true Cowboy's fan, can't finish.


^ HaHaHaHaHa okay that was good. Or he premature ejaculated and she was just rubbing the wet spot. You know kind of like this season, we were supposed to go to the SB and now we just get rubbed in the wet spot the rest of the season.


That chick looks like shes 16...


^Take it to SAMA buddy.


The Cowboys have NO heart this year, and that comes from the poor coaching.

Fuck Wade Phillips, dont let the door hit you on the way out you fat piece of shit.

Still a Romosexual though.... that smile....


Beans, I'm going to allow it. Any chance to rag on the Boys is worth it. Just sayin'

I think DJ wouldn't expect anything less....


^ Like I said before Cool we got 5 SB wins you either love them or hate them. How many does Philly have?.........crickets chirping. You notice OP hasnt been back.


implying years of playoff failure by the cowboys can be erased by some superbowls that happened before I was born.

I see we've resorted to throwing the rings around. Those were different teams of players and related to the current team in name only. 0/10


^ Hey man just talking smack, you started this thread instead of bringing it to the big boys in the NFL thread. How do you judge franchizes, by SB wins. And yes I watched those SB before you were born, but since you were born the Eagles havnt won a SB.


pheww.... good things the phins have two lol


Fuck them! Woooo yea. giants best team in the NFC, alllll day!


^I thought it was Tampa? hmmm