How bout PRE-workout nutrition?

Hey guys,
looking for an some opinions on this.I’ve been working out first thing in the morning,on an empty stomach,for about 2 years now.I’ve made some good progress-mostly in regards to fat loss-but thats what I was shooting for.But now that Im getting lean,and about to start a “bulking” phase,should I eat something 1st thing in the morn before the workout?What kind of nutrient profile do you guys find works best,and how long before the workout?Im currently only taking Surge,post workout.I seem to have hit a platurae recently,and am wondering if the early a.m. workouts could be shortchanging my efforts.Thanks for any ideas…

I think weight training in the morning on an empty stomach is a bad idea, especially if you’re trying to gain size. Morning weight training itself isn’t ideal, but I realize some people have to do this because of their schedules. I did it for about a year and my results were very slow. That’s a really bad time to train if strength is your goal.

Berardi and Poliquin have written about pre-game and pre-workout meals (actually, I’m not sure if John’s stuff has been published yet; that info may appear in the next paper mag). Read Poliquin’s “Preparing for the Ultimate Workout” article.

The problem with it is it’s just not practical for the average guy- he wants you to be awake for several hours, I believe, and have breakfast that consists of steak and other items. I’m guessing the average morning trainer doesn’t have time for all of that.

I’d suggest something liquid for sure, say, half an MRP, or a scoop of Advanced Protein with a little oatmeal blended in. Before my morning boxing workout, I have AP with oatmeal- 1 serving of oatmeal blended with two scervings of AP, sometimes with a little fruit. I drink half before my workout and half after. (I use Surge too, but not after cardio.)

Due to my schedule I sometimes work out early in the a.m., e.g. 4:30-5:00. What I usually do is get out of bed and take a caffeine/ephedrine combo followed by a large glass of water. After that I either drink an MRP or blend some protein powder with some fruit like bluberries, strawberries or a banana. I need the caffeine/ephedrine to wake up and get charged up. I then usually ride the stationary bike for 10 minutes to warm up and let the stimulants kick in. I then proceed with my workout. I do a lot of training in my home gym (I’ve got a nice set up) so this works out well for me.

It's tough to train heavy in the morning at first, doing deadlifts and squats, etc., but you get used to it. I also agree with Chris in that Poliquin's approach isn't really practical. I wouldn't get up at 3:00 to eat steak and so on so I could train at 4:30. What I do works pretty well for me.

Not to long ago I made a similar post and compiled all of the suggestions from my fellow t-folk to decide what the best approach was, and since you are training for size (like me) I thought I would share my morning meal conclusion: a whole packet of MRP mixed in with 3/4 cups of oatmeal. It works perfectly

Thanks Chris…I was kinda looking for that answer when I posted yesterday but I guess I found it.Morning workout with empty stomach – slow gains