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How Bodybuilding Changed Our Minds, Habits, & Physiques

so…bored thought this might be good. i understand we have a before and after in T-Cell but how about one over here too.

Too many folks w/ opinions w/out pics to back up their claims and knowledge.

Prior to 2006, I was a hedonist artist, jane’s addiction listening to, coke snorting, pot head, pack a day smoker, scotch drinker who loved the smell of slutty strippers, I traveled on the road playing 9 ball, and was generally just a good hearted dude but a real pain in the ass to those around me…

I still love nakkid ladies but now i don’t touch them or fuck them. MY TRICEPS WERE HUGE IN THIS PICTURE CIRCA 2003. tough working getting em’ that big. many days of not eating - plus cigarettes and whiskey. Blind Melon. I ate pussy like a champ back then and could fuck all night, fun times. almost killed me, but still fun times!

Don’t post pics from childhood and say this was me then, this is now. I WANT TO SEE FUCKING WORK! Cheers.

p.s. the ol’ lady likes me more now, i’m kinder and only pull my dick out for her…well at least in real life, not the interwebz hehehe.

adding…bodybuilding has given me a sense of ownership over chaos, routine in my daily life and the ability to set goals. feeling and being physically powerful is a nice thing but what this lifestyle does for the mind is equally as great and profound, more so actually.

as a writer and artist i’m beginning to take this passion for the gym and iron and and allow it to become interwoven within my other passions.

i was 136lb @ 6’ tall in that pic. i had a slick tongue, charm, and good hips back then, so i did ok, but god damn i was a lil’ guy.

show me pics all you non-pic profile having posters, set to private bastards.

here is me @ my heaviest 220+. currently i’m around 210 but equally strong. i tell people that i’m 5’11 now too, go figure.

sorry this thread blows balls and likely shouldn’t be in the BB section, i just wanted to post that old pic of myself, i was a skinny mo’ fuckin’ bastard in 2003!!!

im gonna post a pic in a minute ha i dont feel like explaining my life story though

[quote]paulieserafini wrote:
im gonna post a pic in a minute ha i dont feel like explaining my life story though[/quote]

pre gym 17ish years old about 170ish

six-ish months into lifting 185 15ish % bf

205lbs dont know what bf was

a little over a year into lifting maybe a year and a half

the current fat fat fat me few weeks ago 4 years after picking up a weight


Awesome job man!!

All I have is a pic of me at 17… at a bodyweight of 120!
I was so skinny before I started lifting, that constant over-eating and 3 years of weights only made me look like a normal athletic kid. Every ounce of weight I gained was SO difficult to obtain. Still is.