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How big???

What’s the diameter of a 45 lb. plate? Thanks. :slight_smile:

The ‘standard’ size, the size at ‘your’ gym, the size at ‘my’ gym? would you like me to buy a ruler and come to your gym to measure it for you? what the f**k? By a ruler from CVS and measure it! What are you asking us for! They’re all different. For example, the ones at my gym are thicker but smaller than the ones at my school which are very big (in diameter) and very thin.

How long is a piece of string?

usually 18"

I work out at home and I don’t have an olympic barbell set. Therefore I was going to prop a loaded barbell on two block to make up the difference in height when I deadlift. Henceforth I need to know the diameter of the plate. But thanks for your immature answer T-puppy. V2 thanks for real. :slight_smile: