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How Big is Your Pump?


Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone knows the difference in size between their arms when hot and cold.

I measured my arm yesterday completely cold and they were 17'' dead.

Today when i got back from the gym they measured 18'' warm.

I thought that an inch pump seemed quite drastic, any1 else knows theirs? and should there be such a size difference?


Usually goes from around 6" to 8" if I really blast him, gotta love the pump...............


Marz, no disrespect, mate, but your avatar pic is deceiving. Your arms barley look 14".

Anyway, I never measured my pump. An inch seems like a lot, but I guess there are many factors that determine it.


Dude wtf lol. 14''? My forearm is 14''. FWIW i'm 5'10 230lbs. If i had 14'' arms id look like a little girl :frowning:


Actually ID, now looking at my hub pic i can't help it but to kinda agree with u, definitely not the best pose to show my arm size.


LOL, not to derail this completely but I was thinking the same thing. I would have guessed 16" at the max judging by the avi. Maybe that's why the Guess My Arm Size thread was created though!


I get about an inch pump on my arms at times... I remember reading somewhere on this forum some of the bigger guys speculating that a bodypart that gets a bigger pump might have better growth potential - ie be a "standout" part for that person.


I like the sound of this, hopefully they got a lot more growth in em!


Maybe from 5 8" to 5 10" is a completely different story. On topic, my arms have increased about 3 cms after training, I don't put a lot of attention to measure anymore, I would take my tape when I'm 10 pounds heavier or I see myself and say "hey, you've grown".