How Big is Your.........Breakfast?

Height = 5ft 8in
Weight = 155LBS
Body fat = ~11%

I just finished my finals for college and can actually eat a real “sit at home” breakfast w/o worrying about classes and exams…I wanted to know if you guys think this is an adequate breakfast.

My Oatmeal
1 cup dried oats = 300kcal
1 1/2 scoops of whey protein = 200kcal
1 cup frozen strawberries = 50kcal
(and some water to bring it all together)

My Omelette
2 whole eggs & 1 egg white = 160kcal
green bell peppers, onions, scallions, mushroom = I decide not to consider them w/ kcal intake b/c it’s probably something real low

Orange = 50kcal

So altogether, it’s a little less than 800 kcal(didn’t mention macronutrients b/c I’m pretty sure everybody has a vague idea of what has what)…enough, too much, or more??? tsk tsk, which way do I go…

P.S.-anybody else want to display their breakfast for it to be critiqued???

My breakfast this morning

4 whole eggs

One big bowl of Banana Nut Crunch
added on 1/4 of a cup of walnuts
and a mango

Handful of almonds,handful of walnuts with 4 teaspoons of tahini(sesame paste) and half a teaspoon cocoa powder

10 scrambled eggs. ~800 cals, 70g protein
Half a leftover lasagna. ~560 cals, 30g protein
2 glasses of whole milk. ~450 cals, 24g protein.

Goin’ squattin’ in an hour.

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
10 scrambled eggs. ~800 cals, 70g protein
Half a leftover lasagna. ~560 cals, 30g protein
2 glasses of whole milk. ~450 cals, 24g protein.

Goin’ squattin’ in an hour.

Moar milk.

7 scrambled eggs with yolk
4 fish oil caps

3 free-range Jumbo eggs (about the size of 4 - 5 large eggs), scrambled with organic unpasteurized white cheddar.
Two chicken sausages.
12 ounces of coffee.

Yesterday before training I had:

1 cup oats
handful fresh berries

2 eggs
lean chicken sausage
chopped onion
1/2 cup egg whites

On off days I remove the oatmeal (carb source) and might just have whole eggs because they don’t taste like terrible haha

2 english muffins
protein shake(whey)
5 scrambled eggs
1% milk

2 eggs with ham and cheese on a roll.
4 slices of bacon
16 oz of milk
6 oz container of Greek yogurt

8 scrambled whole eggs
2 cups oatmeal

Same thing every morning hah

-4 XL omega-3 whole eggs (over easy w/almond oil)

  • a few dashes of red jalapeño sauce.
    -1/2c of Oatmeal or some random high fiber cereal
  • 1/4c water, 1 XL raw egg,1/4c blueberries, 1 banana, 1 tbs super green, 1/4cherries (I blend all this & use it as a substitute for milk on my cereal or just drink it as I leave for work.)

4 whole XL egg whites, 1 whole egg
1 scp met drive, 5g glutamine, 5g leucine, 1scp superfood
2/3 cup dry measure oatmeal with sweet n low, handful of coconut
1 cup strawberries
1/4 cantaloupe
2 Flameout/fish oil

x2 same every morning when I can

I’m on the AD and my breakfast is:
flax meal
2 tbs coconut oil
heavy cream (¼ cup)
2 tbs olive oil butter

Works out to about 1300 calories.

Either 4-5 eggs with cheese, chicken breast and tomatoes, or whey, milk, flax seeds and oats…

I’m on the AD.
Usually eggs scrambled with some kind of meat.

Past couple of mornings:

4 large eggs - 280 cals
Butter - 100 cals
150g beef (poached) - 300 cals
mas o menos 150g spinach - 30 cals?

= 710 cals (54g protein)

I’ll usually have tuna instead of beef which brings the cals (mainly from fat) down by 200 or so.
In that case I’ll add a tbsp or two of natty PB.

PB + Eggs = MMMMMMM!

Oh and don’t forget the flax!

Today… I cooked oats in orange juice and butter. Then I cut up strawberries and added them along with raspberries. Lowered the temp then stirred in almond meal/flour, leucine, and a few tablespoons of Spike Shooter. When it was done I stirred in some sunflower seeds, flax seed meal, and topped it off with whipped cream.

I drank some milk(blended with MD powder, leucine, creatine, egg yolks, agave syrup, and vanilla beans) along side my oats. I have no idea on how much calories but it was delicious. Don’t hate.

280g steak with half an avocado

green eggs and ham.

3 boiled eggs

4 fishoil
1 multi

I love cutting. :S