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How Big is Too Big?


General question.

Let's see where this goes.


I don't think there's any such thing as "too big".

There's bigger than I want to be. That photo is bigger than I want to be. I prefer the size of Don Howorth or Larry Scott.

  • skinny newb who doesn't want to get too big


Well, this interpretation depends on the persons height. If your 5 ft. to 5 -8 you can be too big and look like a buffed little person. (I'm 5'8 keep in mind) So for me personally there is a point which is too big for my height, and I'll look like a super He-Man gnomish troll. That being said if your 5-9 to 6-5 I think you can afford to gain more size before your proportions are "Migified" lol.


Ideal for me


Too big is bigger than I will ever be, so I don't worry about it.


straight natural ^^


When it affects your everyday life..


I would like to avoid a natural vs unnatural debate at all costs.

That is what ALL threads seem to fall into.

No one cares if you do or don't want to use steroids.


To get really big REQUIRES you to make it a large part of your life.


Natural Vs. Unnatural is irrelevant.


I agree about height being an important factor.

Personally I think that once you reach a certain size you have to begin to compromise in other "athletic" areas of your life, things like agility, the ability to sprint for a bus or climb a wall or go on a long hike without getting too winded.

I want to get as big as I can while having a minimal impact on these other areas, and I think for my height (6'2") 220lbs lean would be ideal. I don't intend on ever getting bigger than that myself, but I wouldn't call someone else who was bigger TOO big. Each to their own I say, get to whatever size makes you happy, though I really don't see the appeal of getting to a size where personal hygiene becomes a challenge.


I'm sure he meant it in the sense of not being able to do certain activities of daily living. (ex: can't wipe own ass)


Please let HIM answer that though.

I want to know what HE thinks, not what other people think he thinks.


I mean think about it...me with 22in Arms, neck and calves equally @ 5'8 that would be too big.


When you are out of breath 24/7.
When you can't wipe your own ass.
When you have the cardiovascular health/endurance of an unhealthily overweight person.
When Rich Piana sees you and says "Fuck, you're huge!"


This to me is about ideal, Dan Green one of the best powerlifters to ever live....also an amazing physique.

The density is unreal.

I believe he is around 230-240 here.

Dez would know better than me.


If I could be shredded at 5'8 near or around 190 with 18 inch arms and a less than 30 inch waist this would be ideal for me.

I don't want to be Olympia big. That shit is ridiculous and super unattractive to me. I want to be much bigger than the average pussy pulling physique though for sure.


His delts almost look syntholed they stand out so much.


But really, the question isn't "what is ideal to you"...it is really just "what is TOO BIG"...FOR YOU....FOR SOCIETY...FOR YOUR PARENTS...FOR YOUR GIRL AND WHY?


That is synthol...and I try to stay away from that debate.