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How Big Is This Arm?


Here is a shot of my arm. How big would you guess it is? I am not telling my weight or height. And it certainly is not pressed against my side to make it look bigger.


a lot bigger than your chest?

lol maybe it's the angle but it looks like you only train arms.


how much ya bench!?





its gumby!

and you look like you ONLY train arms in that pic


Post a picture holding a shoe, thats the best way to tell.


I'd guess about two feet long?


Yeah definitely. That way you won't have to tell us anything about yourself. We will need to know your shoe size though. So just take another picture of that same arm while you're holding a shoe and we will be able to tell approximately how big your arm is along with your body fat percentage.(I would recommend Nikes for someone with your body type.)


have you ever seen the simpsons episode where he walks around for weeks curling a dumbell in one hand and has one huge arm but still looks like complete shit.....well....


Why the f$ck can't people learn to put their camera on a solid surface, and set the timer, and take a photo without holding the stupid thing up in front of their face to get some crazy blurry photo

ffs it isn't that hard

15" arm???


11.2351235325 inches


I'm glad you've cleared that up. Why wouldn't give a bicep pose, while holding a shoe? If you won't provide height and weight, it's the only way we can tell...




I don't know about that one, but the other one looks tiny.


yep it's posts like this that make the best abuse magnets. and for good reason! it's also no help when your stomach sticks out further than your pecs do.


you're such a tease


Still waiting on the shoe. That shirt is horrid, by the way.


the people you see sporting those shirts usually have pit stains and a dribble of jager down the front from "da club"


Large enough to compensate for a deficiency in other places?


I really don't understand all the ragging on each other that goes on here at T-Nation