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How Big is a Scoop?


in volume, not weight???


Ask this guy.


to clarify: for Grow!




Well, you could weigh 10 scoops of water.


In that case I think it would be easier to measure the volume of a serving of X grams;-)

My problem is simply: as Grow! is unobtainable here, I have to replace it. The protein jugs here do not carry scoops, so I either mix until it looks good or measure out a certain weight, but simply knowing the volume of a "scoop" would make life easier.


TQB = Tube Quake Boogie?

sorry, couldn't resist.


Its about this much in diameter:


by this much in depth


on a 1600x1200 resolution monitor


You should have resisted.

sorry, couldn't resist. :slight_smile:


Volume of a cylinder =

Pi * r^2 * h


'Pi' is the mathmatical constant approximately equal to 3.141592654

'r' is the radius of the base

'h' is the height of the cylinder.

Someome else will have to provide the dimensions, though, since I don't have my Grow! handy.


Thanks for the effort, but I would need both resolution and size of monitor to get an answer. On my 17" it looks to be about 2 1/2 - 3 Tbs?


Well, hell, it didnt even show up the same from the message input screen to the actual post. I dont have my scoop handy to give dimensions either. sorry

I didnt even know you were talking scoop dimensions! I thought you wanted to know the dimensions of RJ's pecker. Now I wish I hadnt called his old lady. hehe


I'm living in Belgium. Sure they do.

So my next question was going to be how you got your hands on Grow!. Seems like you didn't.

Anyway, usually a scoop is close to 30 grams. Something like 28 grams. I don't know if Grow! has the standard size scoop though.


Oh about yay big.


70 cc.(cubic centimeters) in some supps, I think Grow! is 60cc.
Look on the bottom or handle.
Real small print.


You guys are funny. The volume of a scoop of Grow is 70cc (its on the bottom of the scoop)


-- sniffy96


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