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How Big Is a Natural Bodybuilder?


Just out of curiosity, how big are natural bodybuilders on average? Where do I compare?

Im 17 and weigh 243 lbs with 15% bodyfat and looking to cut and eventually compete

Arms: 18"
Shoulders 54.5"
Chest: 49.5"
Thighs: 30.5"
Forearsm: 14"
calves: 17"
Waist: currently 40, but at 7 % Im 34-36

Thanks, any input is greatly appreciated


There's an entire thread about this in the T-Cell:


there are some very valid competing viewpoints in there, but you may have to wade through a few pages of arguments to see them.


Before this devolves into a clusterfuck shitstorm

With those numbers you'd be sitting at over 200 lbs of lean body mass, which would be incredible for any natural let alone a 17 year old. Sorry to say, but you are much higher than 15% body fat...

Without getting yourself tested it's impossible to say how you stack up, but I think it's safe to say you should lean out a little bit so you can better assess where you are (and get laid).


I find those stats extremely hard to believe no offense


It is more about a "look" than numbers IMO

Look up Ebombs, Thoughts, and Mighty stu on this website all are/have competed recently.


You're very, very big for a 17 year old.


how tall are you, and how sure are you that you are actually 15 percent bodyfat


Here is my contest prep log:


You can check out some pics, measurements, etc.

While I am just getting started as a natural bodybuilder, I hopefully can give you an idea of what potential amateur competitors look like.

Also, look at Thoughs and Stu's contest prep logs for some more info/pics of natural bodybuilders.


Any pics of what you look like? Sound pretty damn big.


^^did you see is avatar? Look at the size of his head!?! Thats gotta be 35lbs right there alone.


There are a lot of people here worried about limits....when there are very few ever getting anywhere near them.


Who said anything about limits here?


One poster here went into how much someone can weigh in contest shape naturally...which is an issue some have taken as some extremely defined line in the sand....and yes, there are other posters who have now been convinced that "200" is some absolute limit and that no one can gain more than that.

I cold honestly care less what someone older believes...but I do not like newbs being told what they can't do...especially considering how few ever get anywhere near it as it is.

Did that answer your question?


Im 5'11", and Im pretty sure Im 15-17%. My father does the caliper test for me every month. I used to be 23% last summer but I've been on the warrior diet for some time now.



I think his dad is Bill Kazmier.


Yeah, I know its hard to believe. Im a lot different than all of the other people I've grown up with. My friends kept getting taller but I kept getting thicker. The people on my mom's side of the family are naturaly large and I never knew my father so i don't know whats on that side of the family. But idk, I was already big to begin with and six years ago I got into wrestling and three years ago I got into weight lifting. A lot has changed, Now Im breaking records and trying to get a job as a personal trainer.

I understand if you guys dont believe me because it does sound kind of outrageous. But thanks for the articles and the input anyway


haha it made me laugh too


My god!


ur height, stats and avatar pic dont add up at all


Good discussion in that thread.

As for the OP - no one knows what you can achieve until you actually achieve it. You obviously have a great start at only 17 and you seem very serious about your training.

No one knows what you personally will weigh once you reach a level of mass you're happy with and diet down, so why bother even thinking about it? Just keep up what you're doing and see where it leads.

Best of luck in your bodybuilding endeavors. : )