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How Big is a Natural 18 Year Old Supposed to be?

I’m 18, but I only weight in around 160. I started to go to the gym seriously last August. I didn’t seem to gain that much, I did get stronger the I previously was but i see guys walking around my gym so much bigger then me. its very very hard for me to stay motivated, so i was wondering how heavy should someone my age be, maybe it will keep me going a little more, i really need an extra push.

There’s no right answer, because everybody is different. Personally, I was already 160 by the time I was 13.

Just work hard, consistently, eat until your stomache pops and you will get results. Just remember that it takes time, and lot’s of dedication. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see quick results–it’s only possible to gain 3-4 pounds of lean muscle a month with perfect diet and training.

I can see my abs and so on though, does that make a difference.

That just means your skinny. Eat more.

What’s your diet/training like?

Well, i am on Chad Waterbury’s TBT. I can go on further if you don’t know what im speaking of though. my diet is something like this, in the morning i have 4 eggs, ussauly 3 whole eggs, one egg white. Two pieces of whole Wheat toast. A cup of Green Tea. A cup of Brocoli. Some berries.

Then around an hour or so later i have a protein shake an hour befor the gym, consisting of, 20 grams whey protein, oatmeal skim milk and banan, have another shake the same way after workout, then an hour later i eat something such as a can of chunky beef, or, a potatoe and some turkey or chicken slices. Then i eat a snack of nuts, cheese, an apple, or berries. dinner i have salad, stake, chicken, beef, depends on what my mother cooks, and lastly i eat a container of normal yougurt and s table sppon of peanut butter, i might eat extra things throught the day, i drink plenty of water, and sleep 8 or more hours of sleep.

And incase you don’t know, i do mostly compound lifts, i only started this routine around a month ago, i already added around 20 pounds to my bench, it got my back into squats and deadlifts.

My bench is only 145, but last august i could barely do 95 bench, i just started bench last august. i deadlift and squat around the same weight, and i do pull ups with 33 pounds attached

please reply!!!

1)Eat until you start gaining pounds weekly.

2)Keep progressing on lifts.



Definitely eat more and eat well

Sounds like you’re on the right track. If your lifts are going up, then you are making progress. Just don’t be disheartened if it takes a long time.

Thank you my fellow Canadian, wouldn’t that weight be fat though?

Also thanks to the sheild and Zelazo.

Your question doesnt make sense everyone is different. Honestly just focus on eating enough and doing proper exercises. When i first started I only benched the bar now my max is 225 or more (i havent really tested it).

wouldn’t eating all that extra food lead to more fat gains? I try to eat as much, but aslong as its not garbage for my system. I forgot to mention i do two 14 mintue sessions of hiit, that i also started last week.

If you weight 160 fat gain is the least of your worries. Most likely you’ll end up not able to gain weight.

[quote]CountChocula wrote:
thank you my fellow Canadian, wouldn’t that weight be fat though? [/quote]

Train hard. Don’t eat HUGE amounts, keep it respectable like 3500cals and from there find your own perfect amount based on weekly morning weighings. Add some HIIT if you’re up to it a couple times a week.

My point was that you want to be gaining some weight weekly. If you feel it’s too much fat then cut back a couple hundred calories and see what happens. Just keep progressing.

I’m 18 too.

Should i eat anything right befor going to bed also?

And Should i do hiit on an empty stomach, i am debating this, i did it, and right after i had a can of tuna with a small salad.

the big guys at your gym probably didnt worry about their abs when they were 160

neither should you

[quote]CountChocula wrote:
Should i eat anything right befor going to bed also?[/quote]

cottage cheese