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How Big Can You Get?


My question is how big can the average lifter get within a certain time period in inches. For instance how many inches is it possible to put on your biceps in one month? I read a while back that Arnold could put on about 1/2 to 1 inch on his biceps every two months! Anyways I'm just curious to know what would be considered "good gains". Natural and then Non natural if anybody has any experience there!


Casey Butt says you can't.

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you usually have to gain 10-15lbs of overall body mass to put an inch on your arms...

so however long that takes...


Casey butt says what? Lol because I never said I was planning on gaining 1 inch a month.


so.........push yurself to limits,eat,rest,train smart and see how much flesh you add.
it'aint pretty to read a book if I know the end.


Depends on too many factors to try to put a figure on it,.. mostly genetics and recovery abilities (AAS or not) and amount of fat gain you consider 'acceptable' during your endeavor (I think diet and training go without saying). I know I would have been curious as well when I first started training, but in hindsight, I cam honestly say that there are much better things to worry about... such as "how many inches can I MYSELF gain in a certain duration if I do EVERYTHING correctly?" Anyone (Casey Butt) who obsesses over putting a universal limit on anything is compeltely ignoring the genetic spectrum that is the human species,... damn waste of time IMO.



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I can get 7" on a good day. If I'm not really in the mood 6 and 5/8th or so.




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You're going the wrong way and thinking unneccesary stuff.


This is true, which is why Arnold has 283" biceps.


I know a fella who's just a bicep boy, (ok, he does Tri's too!!) but he put on about 3" over half a year. I doubt he'd be able to pack on ANOTHER 3" in anywhere near that time, though.


Don't worry about this stuff. read the site and don't ask questions until you've read all the stickies. We don't like dumb questions, especially outside of the beginner forum


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A lot bigger and stronger compared to one's starting physique.