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How Big are Your Forearms?


Lately I really noticed mine finally starting coming in so I am curious how big is some of you guys' forearms? Measured mine up at 13.3". I know I pale to some of you guys here so let's see what the average is.


Better pic


Last time I measured, 15". Not sure anymore, but look pretty okay in pics :slightly_smiling:





to those of you guys with big forearms, do you do anything special besides just heavy lifting and using thick grips?


Measuring flexed in that cocked position?

Prob around 15.


mine are def bigger than bugAD's.

that's all i care about


Hey guys...


Lol, I'm pitiful.


What is this? The thread for people with new avatars?




I wish my forearms looked like BugAD's....HM is just a sumo.


Ummm what?


What is this? The thread for people with new T-shirts?


HolyMac's forearms look like they're full of synthol.


Wtf, why do you fools all have that same shirt? I feel left out.


seriously i need to participate more, i want a shirt :frowning:


Sorry, you can't play if you have Mr. Olympia genetics.


I still have a massive pump in my right forearm from masturbating so it measured around 15

haha in all seriousness, I've been home on winter break for a few weeks and my gym here allows chalk where normally I'd use straps and I feel like it's helped. In general just being able to get a grip of things in making a huge impact.

So want big forearms? Hammer curls, masturbation, and chalk.


big enough to hang with lingere football league players?