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How Big a Deal Is a Night of Lost Sleep?


Yep. It’s what folks around here do when they’re “on a diet”.

The buttermilk ranch packets given out by McDonald’s have 360 calories. And people wonder why they’re not losing any weight.

Now that’s American!

I’m in Kansas and it’s a regular thing. The schools serve pizza by the slice or those mini personal pizzas and large containers of ranch are always nearby. I swear people just pick a food as an implement to get the ranch in their mouth.


I think a big stack of na’an would be great for that.

I’ve done it with mint chutney.




I miss gushers.


I used to do this with frostys from Wendy’s all the time! I wouldn’t do it with a good milkshake though. I’ll keep my milkshakes pure.

Gushers are divine.


I don’t know why, but I immediately pictured Hitler with a vanilla milkshake. “Ze pure milkshake, Ze Aryan milkshake!”


I don’t personally dip my pizza crust, but Ranch dressing for pizza is very common here in Ontario, Canada as well.

I have a friend who likes this, not for me. I like both on their own, but please not together…just like pineapple on pizza…


Fuck pineapple on pizza. Also being a New Yorker and therefore having a serious emotional attachment to egg sandwiches, fuck ketchup on eggs.