How Beneficial Are Over The Counter Multi Vitamins?

A lot of people say they are utterly useless and really dont do much if anything to cover your basic micro nutrients. One of my co workers’ daughter is a pharmacist and she says that she prescribe a multi to her and also says over the counter is useless. Thoughts?

If you are, suspect you are or at high risk of being deficient in something for some reason or another I wouldn’t say supplementation is useless especially if your doctor straight up recommends it or is recommended in international healthcare guidelines. Targeted, purposeful supplementation is far from useless.

If you are healthy and eating well then a multi is likely doing nothing for you.

they are not beneficial IMO. They do not have an appropriate balance of nutrients. If memory serves me, individuals who take multis have worse than normal health hazard scores while people who take individual vitamin/minerals have better than average health hazard ratios.

Study pls? Actually could you just give a citation? Just kidding idgaf will take your word for it lol.

Is there causation or correlation here? Perhaps the same group who are looking for an easy quick fix with multivitamins are unlikely to put in the time/effort to maintain a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Maybe multi vitamins aren’t effective enough to be an unhealthy lifestyle?

Group taking/selecting individual vitamins may be more conscious of their health, knowledgeable of their needs/defiencies and motivated to address or improve it. In much the same way wouldn’t this group be likelier to watch their diet and maintain an exercise regimen?

Maybe I’m talking out my arse here but isn’t saying multis are not beneficial based on this is a bit of a leap?

I can relate tho. My mum has $100s worth of vitamins and minerals but no gym membership or activity/exercise for that matter.

All valid points. We do have a mechanism though. Multi’s tend to be in a balance that requires harmful levels of some vitamins and minerals to reach therapeutic levels of some of the most important one’s. Too much iron and calcium and some B vitamins. I will try to dig up an article and see if it is OK to link here.

Nah don’t bother. Will probably go straight over my head.

inb4 mertdawg’s complete balanced multivitamin

So if I this one is good to post, it sides with your assertion of there being confounding variables, namely that supplement usage goes up with age

I will just posit the that I think you should use vitamin and mineral supps but can do better than multi vitamin ratios with individual supplements and can also adjust to your own needs such as more d in winter, more c in the evening if you are under stress, also do you eat liver, shellfish etc.

Thnx… lol


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IMO for most people vit d3 and a quality greens/Superfood type product are much more beneficial.
If training hard next step up would be a broad B vitamins complex and minerals like zinc/ZMA

Agreed with everyone else regarding the multis, depending on your needs, specific vitamins may be more beneficial. I take a B complex, C, and D, ZMA in the evenings. Curcumin has also been great for recovery.