How Bad Is This Gyno?

Hi, I recently made a post about how I cruise at 250mg of test e and have for about a year. I run aromasin 25mg ED and nov 20mg ED. I started taking aromasin 25mg because the gyno progressively got worse even when I’d lower the test and up to the AI.

I attached a couple of pictures. Is the gyno bad or not too bad?

What is the AI going to do for the gyno that has already formed? I bet you have tanked the shit out of your E2. I would cut the AI and look into upping your Nolva dose for an extended period of time.
Go get blood work done


It doesn’t look bad to me , but it’s kinda hard to tell. Is the tissue under the nipple hard? Are your nipples sensitive? I dont mean any disrespect but if your cruising year round at 250 you should look a little more fit? I know when I slack off my work outs my chest looks softer and more droopy from the water weight. If your cruising that high and not putting in the gym time this may be the case.

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I think it looks very bad, I think @newbvet has you covered, try that out and see if it works.

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I am sorry for my english but i try to help
You will crash your estrogen with aromasin and get some bad side effects
it’s weakness and depression
stop the ai
try nolvadex for a period
nolvadex just block the estrogen it will not crash your levels
you can fix your ai dosage depend on your blood test
but now you need to keep block it with nolvadex until you find an AI dosage
your gyno don’t look bad at all

Not sure about nolvadex but low dose letrozole literally reversed any old gyno I had.


On a scale of 31-67, it’s about a 58.


No trolling, you know we measure gyno by cup size. I would say more like a 36 A cup.

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When I had gyno 15+ years ago it was similar to yours and I had it removed via surgery. At that time I was doing a lot of research and found many folks that successfully reversed their already existing gyno using tamoxifen 20mg/day for 6 months. It seems to be much more effective at reversing steroid induced gyno than pubertal gyno mainly because steroid induced is usually caught & treated much sooner. The quicker you act the better chance at good results. Studies show it’s most effective if treated within the first 12 months. Tamoxifen is relatively well tolerated @ 20mg/day and you don’t risk nuking your E2 like it you used an AI.

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You tank your IGF-1 though which sucks, but I guess is worth it if gyno disappears. Still, if I had bad enough gyno that I was gonna take nolva for 6 months straight, I’d probably just get the surgery.

That’s not correct. It doesn’t effect IGF enough to make any major difference.

You would rather spend $5k than have your IGF go down 30 points for a short duration? To each their own. Surgery is a great option but why do it without first seeing if Tamoxifen fixes the problem. It’s like $13 for 100 20mg pills.

Ha, well I was thinking with insurance but point taken. As far as the claim about the IGF-1 reduction not mattering though, you’re gonna have to qualify that for me. What things might a reduced IGF-1 levels affect, and why doesn’t it, or at least how do we know it doesn’t? Genuinely asking. My assumption was that this is something one ought to avoid.

Edit: I’ve seen studies that show Nolva for extended periods of time reduces IGF-1 by 30+% at 10mg a day. I’ve seen studies that Clomid reduces it by nearly 50%. Yes, they are different, but it makes me feel there’s a chance someone taking nolva could see an almost 50% reduction in rare cases.

Physiolojik addressed this in either the “for all the AI preachers” thread or the “ask physiolojik” thread and went into detail. I’ll look for it when I get home or you can search for it. He uses it with his patients and also takes 20mg/day himself. He said the effect on IGF was not enough to matter.

Let’s remember the context of why we are talking about tamoxifen. It’s a situation where a man now has tits and using a pill that may slightly reduce his IGF-1 in an effort to no longer have tits. Said man has IGF-1 to spare.

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Yes, I agree with your bottom line. I will search that thread too, thanks Dex.

Would you lower weekly test intake by half? Then take 20 nova day and night till there’s progress and bring it down to 20 a day?

I cruise at 200mg. It just depends where the dose puts you. You want the minimum dose that has you where you want to be with the least amount of risk long term. The cruise dosage is individual so you’ll have to figure that out on your own but 250mg is too much for most. A majority of TRT users are on 150-200mg and are happy. As far as the gyno goes just take the Nolva 20mg/day.