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How Bad is Sodium?


Went through a grueling Insanity workout today along with eating very well, on time, and within my range to lose weight..

My main problem is Sodium.. Had 3630mg of it today mostly consumed in a Subway 6' sandwich and some soup I had..

Question: how much of an effect will that really have if I am 5'10, 240 lbs. and I am working out very hard 6 days a week and keeping my calories around 1800-2000 calories (I know too low) with carbs around 150 a day?? I also don't eat after 6pm...

With consistency I am going to see results either way but, I wonder just how much that sodium hurts and how?



For athletes, sodium is not bad, but a necessary electrolyte that is lost in sweat (and thus, must be replaced by diet). 3.6g for a 240lb athlete is nothing and is most likely beneficial.

For a sedentary housewife who overconsumes 6g a day via McDonalds, not so much.


Unless you have high blood pressure, I wouldn't be too concerned. Assuming you have a decent balanced diet


Sodium = good
6' sandwich = bad


Judging from your posts, you have no idea about nutrition as a whole.


Not eating after 6pm is BY FAR the biggest problem in that particular post.


pff, Oprah said not to eat after 4pm, so... keep your bad advice to yourself. He may also be a mogwai.


Preach it Bricknyce.


Good point. Are you suggesting he stop eating after 4 to be safe he doesn't turn into a gremlin?


If you're not hypertensive and don't have a renal disease, you don't have to think of this. 3630 is getting up there, but it shouldn't be much of a concern for most healthy people. If you're worried about it, then eat cleaner, and your diet will naturally be low in sodium.

You wrote: "With consistency I am going to see results either way... " We don't know this. We don't know your WHOLE diet and we don't know your training and we don't know how you live.

I USED TO think that if one didn't eat past a certain time, it wouldn't allow for their caloric allotment, and they would get a case of TEH CATABOLIZM because of not eating for so long. With new research on meal frequency and TOTAL caloric consumption for a day, I'm torn on the issue.


Unless you have problems with hypertension or high BP, you should keep sodium pretty high every day. High sodium won't be a problem if your diet is straight, which yours isn't. If your diet is shit, high sodium will only make things worse.


Yup. Though he's got to watch that water too.


Sodium is not inherently bad, although it is inherently essential to live, too much of anything is always bad for you.

A regular a high sodium intake is not healthy.

A day here and there of a moderate overuse of sodium will be unlikely to cause you any harm, unless your hours away from appearing in a bodybuilding show.

Although I'm wondering why you don't eat after six, also why would you want to eat a subway sandwich whilst on a diet. Once the big issues in your diet are tweaked to perfection, then start worrying about the little things like sodium.