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How 'Bad' Is Pita Bread?


How bad is eating refined pita bread during mass, only 1 per day in terms of insulin? (consumed with meat together)


I mean, if it's made with white flour, it's probably similar to white bread, which actually has a fairly high glycemic index when eaten by itself (and therefore I'm guessing a fairly fast insulin spike). Eating other food with any sort of protein or fat would blunt the effect some.

But realistically, what are we talking about here, 200 calories of starchy carbs?

Unless you have celiac disease or something, I don't think it will kill you. And if I had a choice between a ketogenic diet and staying out of Hell, I'd pick the latter.


You'd have to be a big food nazi to consider a little pita bread "bad."

I get the impression the OP considers insulin to be a bad thing. Well, it isn't. In fact, it's required and produced by the body in response to most foods eaten.


Read the ingredients.


Agreed x1000. No, make it 9000. Wait, no, 9001. Oh damn..................ITS OVER 9000!

Haha, seriously OP, its not that bad. It might not be the most nutritious thing, but its definitely not the worst. Just don't eat too much and you'll be fine.


I noticed It has sugar in its ingredients, im currently 16% bf and im starting a bulk so i guess i should watch my high index carbs, do you reckon i should take it off my menu? i eat it with 200g chicken and some hummus.


No, you should watch you over all carbohydrate and caloric intake. Getting hung up on the GI of individual foods makes no sense when you eating them in conjunction with other foods.

In other words, you're getting hung up on the details and have lost sight of the big picture.


As long as your eating 1-2 pitas at most with a bunch of protein and maybe some good fat, it's not a big deal and that sounds like a damn good meal to me. People get way too crazy over white flour, wheat flour, etc, IMO it's not a big fucking deal and you won't see much difference if the carb amount is the same. However wheat stuff usually has more fiber so that's one thing to think about.

Eat your pita, just don't eat a whole bag of it by itself.


I get those flat-breads and have a turkey, cheese, mayo sandwich on them everyday at work.

Just for perspective, I eat bacon and eggs every morning and also pack a vegetable/meat low-carb lunch for work. Mostly drink protein shakes and eat leftovers at night, so the flat-bread sandwich is my little carby mid-afternoon or mid-morning snack.

They are about 21 carbs, 5 fiber, 2 sugar if I can recall off the top of my head. I get the Arnold brand. Not sure what your pita bread macros look like, but I know they vary widely and there are a lot of good "low-carb" versions out there that have macros around what I cited for my flat-breads.

Don't mire in the details too much like PB Andy said. Getting 50-100 carbs/day is fine, just time them out (morning, peri/post-workout) and keep in mind how many you're probably getting without realizing it from fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. If you account for all of them and keep them under 100 you're still on a low-carb diet, which at your bf% is probably good even during a bulking phase.


I came across this post just as i was tucking into a delish warm chicken salad wrapped in a pita. one of my favourite snack/meals.
i can't comment on the insulin issue but if you're worried about the fact that it's white flour or something like that why not make your own pitot out of almond flour or use Shugart's protein bread recipe to make them at home and freeze a bunch to make your wraps?

TYhe recipe is in Shugart's Hammer in the Velocity Life section.

Speaking for myself, I notice that pita or tortilla wraps are far less heavy on the tum than baguette with fillings or Turkish bread or even normal sandwiches. But I also think that would depend on whether your body type can take carbs better than other people's.

By the way, hummus is great, and tzatziki also makes a refreshing butter-type spread on the pita wraps!
Add a jalapeno or three and you really wake up.


It is possible to get wholemeal pittas (at least over here).

Worrying about pittas is no different than worrying about bread, there are some anti-nutrient issues sure but worrying about this could lead to excess cortisol LOL