How Bad is My Bench?

Alright, so I’m doing 5/3/1 (love it, doing it forever), started w/ light weights and fat gripz then worked my way up, on my 3rd 4 week cycle. just like everyone else my lifts are going up, probably not like everyone else I’m actually keeping them low and checking my ego. today didn’t feel so hot even though I went through all my cues and stuff. 5/3/1 is humbling because I’m using 90% of my calculated max I know I can bench 245+ once but the last set of 185 only went up 7 times. I felt OK but at the beginning I feel like I can get 10+. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. Sorry about the shitty angle but my workout partner is pretty inept and there are no phones allowed on the gym floor and we have become a target for getting bitched at. I don’t like to use much of a back arch, but I have a little one going, my ass is planted on the bench, and my feet are solid. I breathe at the top and try to keep my elbow tuck decent. I make it an issue to keep my wrists in line with the bar too, and I accelerate the bar as hard as I can and always lock out my elbows. Touch my shirt at the bottom then boom. each rep is its own lift. I have pretty long arms though. This post is far longer than I planned so I’ll stop.

tell me to post youtube if the uploaded vid doesnt work

Maybe make another video. Can’t really tell about your technique with that angle…

dude are you serious? thats got to be about the worst workout vid ive ever seen. tell whoever is working your camera to back up some and film you from the side, not over top of you like they’re trying to stick something in your mouth.

[quote]Kevin5255 wrote:
I have pretty long arms though. [/quote]

You don’t have long arms…you have a short chest :slight_smile: Your bench is what it is. So your not great at doing reps that day. do you have bad days all the time or was this just a bad day? What gave out on you? If it was the tri’s beat them up. Do some heavy board presses or close grip bench. If your pecs gave out, which I doubt, do some DB presses. I’d say you have weak lats. They are important in a bench press…but you knew that right?

Just keep at it man. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Unless you are getting paid to bench press remember it’s just a freakin exercise.