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How bad is mayonnaise?

I’m in college without a car and there are no stores within walking distance (I HATE SCHENECTADY, NY). I stop by the cafeteria and I usually eat chicken breasts with a tiny bit of BBQ sauce or some Peanut Sauce. Lately, chicken, even though it’s my favorite food, has started to become a bit tiresome. They have pre-made tuna with mayo in it. Is this a bad night time snack? No carbs, and is high in protien and fat. Thoughts?

Depends on HOW MUCH mayo- I think its usually a lot.

Also depends on how loose your diet is.

My Diet is fairly strict, and it fits within my fat/calorie guidelines. I am just worried I might be having too much BAD fat with the mayo. I do need to check and see how much mayo is in the tuna, but I’m not sure if I can because I believe it is made by the school.

Tank, mayo is not a particularly bad fat; no transfatty acids, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. It’s just that any incidental fat you take in takes the place of your quality fats; fish oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, avocados, raw nuts, peanut butter. I listed them roughly in order of greatest health benefits.

The only thing I don’t like about pre-made stuff is I don’t have a handle on the macronutrient breakdown. I don’t really have an objection to mayo. I just would want to know how much I was getting. It’s a great P+F meal, other than that.

Mayo taste good, but not the best fat. A fix is to mix canned tuna with low fat cottage cheese. Then mix in just enough mayo so you can taste it. So moisten up the tuna with the cottage cheese, and flavor it up with a little mayo.

personally i find mayo to be one of the most disgusting foods on earth. just smelling that crap can make me puke.

Thanks Tampa. I usually try to get my Fats from Fish/Flax and raw nuts, but sometimes I just want somewhat normal food :slight_smile:

I'm with P-Dog.  Mayo is crap.  I've worked in restaurants a lot and the smell of mayo or ranch is enough to make me vomit.  
 Real food?  What is that?  I thought my chocolate flavored protein shake was real food...

P-DOGG why are you sniffing mayo?
Theres lots of stuff that smells bad that I eat.
cheese, vinegar, fish, pickles, pussy, etc.

It does smell awful but i love the stuff.
I can live without any bad fat except mayo.

I thing to remember also is if you are goping to use it use real Mayo, and not Miracle Whip, or other imitation salad dressing labeled product. They are loaded with corn syrups and trans fats.

I see this mistake quite often so just wanted to put that warning up.