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How Bad is Ice Cream?


Alright it is my only weakness. How big of impact is it going to have on me? I know all fats are not created equal. Is this the kind that really makes you fat...or just seem like would. How about the carbs?

And yes I am trying to get off my last stubborn 10lbs.



It's a big bowl of fat and sugar mixed. You might was well just toss a cup of cooking oil and a couple pop-tarts in a blender.

Unless you are speaking of fish oil or flax seed oil, dietary fat should be controlled. ALL dietary fat provides a lot of empty calories.


I disagree with the latter paragraph. Controlled is a relative term no doubt, but to say that all dietary fat provides a lot of empty calories is bull.

Fats are essential to life and proper health. There are essential fats, essential amino acids, but no essential carbohydrates. The only things you NEED from carbs are the minerals and vitamins from fruits and veggies, and some fiber. Sugar and all that crap should go out the window before olive oil and healthy fats.



Well, I was trying to keep it short. I knew a blanket term would probably bite me.

Yes fat is essential, there are fat soluble vitamins, fat can be your friend... etc. However, how often do you hear about the average Joe having a fat deficient diet? As for "dietary" fat, the PO wants to lose some extra pounds.

When it comes to his diet and choice of foods, he should consider all "food fat" the same. Higher fat foods are only going to up the calorie count for the day. For the most part, the metabolism sees 9 calories per gram of fat. It does not care what the source is. Substituting something that is made up of 4 calories per gram Carb or Protein would be a far better choice.


Problem is most that come here Arent average joes. They are nutrition minded though many times faulty in the LITTLE amount of fat they get as was I. They/we can take that to far and ALLLLLL fats are needed aside from trans fats, even sats for proper bodily function and health. Hormone production etc.

As well during dieting they can be very filling and satisfying.

As for the opriginal topic. You'll prob have to cut the icecream out for the most part save it for a once weekly treat. It really is a Horrid combo.



First of all, in my opinion, food=fuel.

Therefore, I'd ditch the ice cream for the above-mentioned reasons. You can teach yourself to appreciate the taste of healthy food but you can't teach your body to utilise the "wrong" food the way you would like it to.

Personally, I stopped eating ice cream (and other stuff that doesn't suit my goals) two years ago and while at first it took a conscious effort, after a few months, the cravings were gone and have never come back.

One could argue that an occasional "treat" does no harm. While this may be true to a certain degree, why do it at all when it has no apparent benefits? As stated above, you can condition yourself as to what you regard as a treat.

Many people I know show almost incredible discipline in other areas but slacken with regard to nutrition. It's only a question of how important this is for you. By the way, have you ever tried frozen broccoli?



Hmmm, some people I know are absolutely anal with their diet yet have no results physically to show for their extreme attention to detail. This is bodybuilding. While I personally think ice cream is just short of a plate of cookies, the occasional serving of it won't exactly destroy anyone's progress.

What I hate to see are those who are quick to discuss how much retraint they have in the kitchen...yet the last time they added an inch of muscle anywhere only came with a growth spurt in high school.

I think if you cheat on "empty foods" like that, is should be few and far between. However, I wouldn't recommend someone has to enter a nutritional convent for the rest of their lives.


Basically no disagreement with what you wrote.

In this specific case, the OP stated that he is

. From this, I concluded that he already had lowered his bodyfat to a significant degree and is seeking further progress. Ditching the ice cream seems to be an obvious step.

Apart from that, as I stated above, for me and probably for other people as well it is easier to exclude useless things like ice cream, probably one of the worst choices you can make, permanently than planning to have them as a treat (notice the positive connotation) once in a while. After an initial phase, it doesn't take any restraint at all. No convent mentality needed. I simply don't consider food an adequate means for gratification, curing a bad mood, etc., which I find to be a pretty common use.

My post was definitely not meant to take the concept of a clean bulk to the extreme, e.g. obsessing over eating a pizza or fast food once in a while to get some extra calories if needed. Even in this context, I consider ice cream one of the poorest options one could choose, so why not lay off the habit for good?


If you can't live without ice cream, try frozen yogurt. Preferably one that is low on fat and added sugar.


Yeah,fruits and vegetables are essential carbohydrates.
And carbohydrates are essential to life.Just because most people sit on their fat asses and watch tv all day long and eat a bunch of sugar and/or carbs doesn't mean carbs are bad.
If you're an active person you need carbs.
If I don't eat enough carbs,I start to get brain fog,can't sleep,and my workouts suck(lack of energy).
How is that not essential?
I'd like to see any body builder try to gain strength on a very low or 0 carbohydrate diet.


Or,you could have a low fat or fat free icecram post workout.Pretty much just pure sugar and fatfree milk/cream.
Actually,you could have two servings or 3 post workout and not get fat.
No difference than having Surge really,as far as the sugar goes.
Or make a fat free icecream protein milk shake.
I do this sometimes:

2-3 scoop vanilla fat-free icecream

A little vanilla extract

1/2- 1 cup Fat free milk

1 scoop whey vanilla protein powder(use chocolate protein powder and icecream if you want a chocolate shake).

Theres about 1-2 grams of fat,and lots of protein and carbs for post workout nutrition.
Nevertheless,treating yourself to a helping of icecream every NOW and THEN won't hurt you.



I hate to break it to you, but perceived withdrawal symptoms and less than perfect energy during intense workouts does not make carbs essential in a biological sense.

I'm pretty sure the nutrients that come with carbs are essential, and I'm sure that some fiber is absolutely a requirement at some point as well, the carbs might just be a bonus. I don't know if it's been studied in that light.


We need carbs.
Try gaining muscle on a very low carb diet.
Or better yet,try keeping msucle ona no carb diet.
It may not be essential to you,but sure is to me.
Nutrients that come with carbs are essential but carbs aren't?
Thats like saying fat isn't essential but omega 3 is.


If fiber is essential- carbs are essential, as fiber is a carbohydrate. It's the sugar that is not essential. There are many other types of carbs that are not sugar, and that are very beneficial.


I agree.
However,I still believe we all need a little sugar in our diet.
A little sugar doesn't hurt.
It's when you consume too much that has a negative effect.
Believe it or not,HFC is worse than sugar.


They make fat free sugar free ice cream. it doesn't taste the same, but it would be better than nothing. Give that a shot. Unfortunatly for me my weakness is beer instead of sweets. I wish they could make a zero carb beer (i know its impossible), but I just dont drink anymore than about a six pack a week now.


I eat a very clean diet - recommended number of meals/snacks per day -- drink only water -- never any soda, beer or hard liquor; I even avoid fruit juice. I make sure I get extra protein in my diet since I began serious weight training. Everyone complements me on my body and muscle development. Now for the confession: I eat ice cream. Not the low-fat, yogurt, pretend crap. The real deal full fat ice cream. AND -- I have it 3 - 4 times a week. I spoke to a diet specialist about it and she said that you're better off with the real stuff since the low-cal crap has so many chemicals/additives in it. The trick I use is to put the ice cream in a coffee cup (not a mongo mug). This way, I get my fix, but I'm not out of control. As usual, it's all about portion control. I'd rather spend an extra 20 minutes running or whatever to work it off than give up my one special treat!


To be honest with you I've never had bad ice cream. Chocolate is my favorite usually in the shake form. I usually go this route on Friday evenings and then I like a brownie batter blizzard on Saturday. I love powerlifting.


I don't think ice cream is too bad for you, as long as you use moderation. I used to eat a half gallon in two days a few years ago, but through a lot of restraint I'm down to the half cup serving once a month.

One thing that I found that helps curb my "sweet tooth" is to head to SAM's Club and purchase some sugar free popsicles. They provide a good dose of flavor and are a nice treat now and then.



Not hurting you is a far cry from actually needing it in the diet. I agree it won't hurt you, otherwise why drink Surge, but it really isn't necessary outside of the natural sugar in fruit.

Doesn't mean I don't still eat ice cream. Hell I went to DQ last night. As others have posted it's more about portion control then anything. All foods, regardless of what they are, are bad for you in certain quantities.