How Bad Does Getting Fired from a P/T Job Effect Future Jobs

I had some school work to deal with so I called in. Prior to today I have never skipped out on a day of work. Never called in at all, I have thought about it multiple times but I still never did. I have been working at this restaurant for a year and five months I was making minimum wage which is $7.25. I have always disliked this place,never liked it. I always told myself that I was gonna put my two weeks in but I never do. I started saying that in January,its December.

I worked part time twice a week at a bbq restaurant. Ever since august I started to dread my job a lot more often.

When I called my manager that I didn’t want to come two work he mentioned how I have been late a lot lately(5 minutes-10 minutes) and he sounded kind of angry and just hung up. I don’t know if I will get fired or not. I don’t plan on going to work tomorrow either.I wanted to tell him that I was studying for finals but I think he doesn’t give a crap about my school stuff

How do you guys think future employers would look at this.

Just don’t put it in your resume and in all honesty, it probably doesn’t matter. But hey, what do I know, I’m a 19 year old kid.

What record are you speaking of?

my bad I fixed the title this one makes a little more sense. and I don’t have a criminal record besides running to red lights by accident. tickets that were paid off

There is no record, other than the record you put on your resume. Just omit it, and it’s gone.

As a side note, it sounds like you have poor time management.

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yea I need to work on that

Bingo. @libanbolt, unless you’re telling employers about your time at the BBQ restaurant it doesn’t really matter. However, if you have any persistent issues in your work performance/habits, those will follow you and your reputation.

I had over 20 annoying, low skilled, part time jobs from 16 to 23 years old. I am full-time employed now, with full health benefits. :grinning::+1:

I’ve been fired from part time jobs as a teen including the time I put ‘fuck off’ on my name tag at Baskin Robbins when I was bored and didn’t think anyone was coming in.

Pretty much everyone I know has been and my contemporaries are all now successful; everything from University Professor to construction administrators. Just don’t put it on your resume.

Calling in is pretty whack. You just screwed your work-bros, who will have to pick up the slack for you.

In the restaurant business, you usually trade shifts or call one of your work bros to cover for you when you can’t make it.


A lot of these part time low-skilled jobs are mentally torturous!

I got fired once because I went to visit my grandma when she was dying. I took more than the bullshit 3 days off, told them I was going to be gone longer before hand, 2 days after I came back I got fired. Honestly for $9 an hour still hope those petty assholes get cancer and die.

Short answer: fuck them. For $7 it isnt worth your time.

A few options here

  1. Don’t put it on resume

  2. Put it but say you left voluntarily, hope they don’t follow up on it.

  3. Any co-workers who can not mention the being fired you can use as a reference, this might be the ideal if possible.

  4. Make sure there is a time gap between this job and your new one (say you left in October or something voluntarily). If you got fired this week but apply to a new job next week they will really want to know why your not employed currently but were a week ago. If several months have passed you can say you didn’t need to work for some period because you didn’t need to (parents helped you out or something). Then your last job is just a blip on the radar vs your primary reference.

Next time you get your syllabus, keep it and give your employer some advanced notice that finals are coming up and you will need some time off. A lot of people will work with you on that, but advanced notice is a must.

The last thing some employers want is to be short handed until they find someone for a position rather than giving someone a couple of days for a good reason.

i called and quit today. decided that it was just time to leave. i will search for a new one this up coming winter break which is a month for me

They won’t care. You’ve got nothing to worry about

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I called off from Arby’s once when I was a teenager. I also sold weed out of the back, fornicated on the job and lied to the assistant manager on a near-daily basis.

Now I’m a dive bar bouncer.

Don’t do it kid!


I fell asleep in a job interview once


One thing to consider is that if you ever apply for a security clearance they will ask if you have ever been fired. Not that it will probably matter if it was a long time ago and simply for poor attendance (ie not for stealing or something). But should be mentioned.