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How Bad Can Low T Make You Feel?

Hey guys. New here. Glad I found this place. Seems to be some really smart people here. :). I know I have low t. Talking to defy medical to hopefully start on a regiment soon. My question is how bad can low t really make you feel. I know what normal symptoms but I’m curious on how bad it can get for some people. Some days I can’t even get out of bed I’m so exhausted and I’ve always wondered if other people have felt like that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I could always drag myself out of bed, but for the last two years I really felt like I was just going through the motions. Grinding out every day through willpower alone.

I have heard good things about Defy. Good luck.

As @gonadthebarbarian said, it’s a lack of motivation and energy and feeling of being passive. I have not felt like that i am not functional or anything, but day to day activities cause a lot more fatigue than it would otherwise. Stressful situations cause a lot of anxiety and i am not as headstrong as i would be otherwise. Some people also experience difficulty physically recovering after lifting, i personally don’t feel like that at all, at least mentally. I am good to go most of the days, maybe mostly on willpower alone but that’s my experience. Libido is ofcourse another main thing that suffers.

There can be many reasons for how you feel. Things other than low T can make you feel worse and many have these other problems and low-T. Do not have T-tunnel vision. Many T clinic docs suffer from that.

Post all of your lab work with lab ranges.

prolactin if younger
PSA if older
fasting glucose
A1C - if 50 pounds overweight
fasting cholesterol
AM cortisol
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

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Ive had low T make me feel suicidal… and that was with Sustanon 250 wearing out my system to quickly.

Low T made me feel like I was just going through the motions. I mean hell, even having sex was sometimes a task instead of something fun. I was just doing it to keep my g/f happy. I was exercising and eating well but was staying at the same weight, body comp wasn’t changing. My lifts were stagnant, not going up at all. The gym was just a chore and something I was doing just so I didn’t become a fatass. I wasn’t aggressive, a go getter, basically just a giant pussy lol. Anxiety was pretty high in certain situations. It was hell man. I had like no desire to do anything. I’d rather just sit around and do nothing instead of going out and exploring the world. The tiredness and fatigue sucked. My lowest level was 137 ng/dL.

Joint pain, lethargy, anxiety/depression, falling asleep when I wasnt moving, no confidence, lots of abdominal fat that wont leave. I just thought that it was normal aging but supposedly you dont start feeling like that until your 50’s. I was 33.