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How Bad Can I Mess Up a Delt Injection?

Pinned 4 months to dorsoglute, i will never pin there again, hard to stick there yourself and aspirate and shit like that. So i choose to pin my delts. I am master, when it comes to fuck up something, if there is 0.1% chance, i will surely F’up. Im lean so i think i choose Half inch needle(insulin needle). Like glute, every one and in pharmacy have said there is absolutely no need of aspirate on delt?

No need to aspirate. Ditto glutes, actually, but nobody wants to listen anyway. Delts are easy and you legitimately cannot fuck it up. Straight in, slowly push the plunger, pull straight out when empty. Really easy, almost pain-free.

If I had to put a number to it, I have probably done 250-300 total injections in my AAS life. I have literally never once aspirated.

I’m not a doctor, so this is not medical advice, but it’s how I’ve handled it