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How Bad Are Trans Fats?


Ok so I was making my protein muffins as usual but I decided to go with a different flavor. So I start mixing up the batter with 3scoops Metabolic Drive, add in some fiber one, ect. and I start baking them.

Then I read the nutrition label and like the blueberry flavor each muffin has 3grams of fat, but with this flavor 1 gram is trans fat!

So my question is just how bad is this stuff? Is it worth throwing out 11muffins that have perfectly good Metabolic Drive in them? I didn't use all of the mix so my guess would be that I have 10grams of trans fat total in the muffins. I was planning on giving about 1/2 of them away at the office.

Any thoughts?


Giving away muffins made with Metabolic Drive? Can I have some - I'll pay the postage!

I honestly wouldn't sweat it, I mean your diet is good other than a couple muffins, right?


The diet is pretty much dialed in, although that's not too hard as I am in a bulk right now haha. Always nice when you get to eat carbs again!

I'm just kinda pissed that 1) I didn't think to look at the label at the store and 2) that there is trans fat in the apple muffins when there isn't any in the blueberry. haha I guess that's what I get for mixing things up!


Perhaps it's just rounding. Blueberry is .4 apple is .6 or sumthing. Who knows. I wouldn't stress, just remember it for the future. It's not like arsenic or cyanide.


I wouldn't throw them out.

But 1 gram for 3 grams saturated is bad. Bacon and butter are like .3 trans for 10 saturated. And that's high for unprocessed food.

In general, I would rather eat 100 grams of saturated fat which is unclear whether it is bad for you and is debatable, than 1 gram trans fat, which everyone agrees is bad.

It's not the blueberries themselves. I'm not aware transfats form in fruits and veggies in any kind of noticable quantitity. It's likely hydrogenated oils in the mix.

What I would do is: eat them. Then throw out the mix, and next time you make the muffins, use something else for flavour.

Are you sure Power Drive is as effective after baking?



I know it's not the fruit; it's listed in the ingredients as partially hydrogenated oil, and its 3grams total fat in the mix, 2grams unsaturated and 1 gram Trans fat.

No clue if the MD breaks down during baking, but I figure some extra protein can't hurt. To make them I add in the MD, egg whites, fiber one, and some flax seeds with the idea of making them healthier. I don't make them that much, just every now and then.


Put it this way. If every gram of trans fat is as bad for you as smoking a cigarette, would you still eat them? It's a personal choice.


OP, you do know micellar casein and other goodies in Metabolic Drive gets destroyed once you heat it up, don't you?


This is very misleading.

Sure, some of the extra benefits of micellar casein may be lessened by heating, but you're still getting all of the high-quality protein.


Does the heat affect the bioavailability of the proteins? (whey / casein).





The protein may get broken down somewhat but it's not a total wash! I am well aware that it wont be 100% but it still certainly helps to make the muffins better for you!

Total you get 5 grams of fat, 47 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fiber, and 10 grams of protein.

I mainly use these muffins to get a mix of simple and complex carbs with min. fat when I wake up in the morning.

With the muffin I have a shake made of 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive in water so I get the full benefits then!


Any protein you eat gets broken down to ammino acids in your GI track anyway, so who gives a fuck if the protein structure degenerates during cooking? This "heat will denature the protein and that's bad" shit is just retarded. If anything heating makes it easier for your body to use.


I agree with Brant Drake, the only down side to cooking with Metabolic Drive is that it makes the mixture VERY thick.

Haha but even then you get a great arm workout trying to mix it! It does cook surprisingly well though.


HA! Any excuse to get some extra "gym" work done. :slightly_smiling:


Haha of course!

Maybe I'll write a book, "cooking for bodybuilding. Not only can you eat like a bodybuilder but now you can bring up lagging muscle parts while doing it!"


Ok, very poorly phrased post. My bad.


If it was as good as a cigarette. Defintely.


I don't know if anyone has answered the question...

No upside to those trans fats(besides taste).


I see you're unfamiliar with Ginger Snaps & Little Debbies.