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How Bad are Fried Foods?


my mother will only cook for me but she adds olive oil/cooking oil to the meat (in order to fry it). She absolutely refuses to grill and personally I hate cooking.

I am skinny fat and in the process of gaining strenght and HOPING my fat% will either stay the same or drop a bit.


We got a winner here.


Eat your moms cooking and lift heavy.


Fried calf liver breaded in quinoa flour and drenched wit brown eggs and organic whole milk will make you 12.32% stronger and give you the panache of Thomas Crown, the drawl of John Wayne and the jawline of Gregory Peck all rolled into one.


"Saturated fats are converted into Testosterone" Dave Tate

Eat big and lift heavy. Read and learn. Some fried food won't kill you.


Avoid fried foods cooked in most vegetable oils other than olive oil, though.

They would be fine if total consumption of such vegetable oils is low, but all too commonly it is far too high already and so should not be added to.

(Besides olive oil, organic coconut oil, macadamia oil, and tea seed (camellia) oil are also fine.)

With regard to your mother using a mixture of olive oil and some other vegetable oil: Don't worry about it, as mentioned, eat your mother's food. Be glad that she has the olive oil in there.


I know this is an old thread, but Bill what's wrong with vegetable oil?


Convince your mother to fry your food in its own fat. Cook some meat with olive oil (or something not too bad) and then while the fats still liquid pour it into a container and let it solidify. Next time you cook meat scrape out a bit of the fat and throw it in the fry pan and let it melt. People have been using animal fats for frying since the cave men discovered fire. And it tastes better than olive oil (and smells better too).

Or learn to cook your own food for the day you move out of home.